Fix the "News" message indicator

Right now I generally never read Roblox’s notifications under the News tab simply because I never know when they’ve actually sent a new news message. This is mainly because of 2 issues:

1: News is never marked as unread when you open it, so I go blind to the red notification bubble and never notice when there’s actually something new to read.

2: (More of a feature request) Unread news messages should be counted on the sidebar’s unread message counter/they should generate a notification.


I would actually prefer that the sidebar counter be removed entirely. Like you mentioned, when there’s always a notification you go blind to it, so when someone always has unread PMs they’ll never pay any heed to the notifications in the sidebar. With the notification stream, I can disable PM notifications so I never have unmanageable notifications that are always there in the stream – whenever I get a notification, it’s something I can take action on.

Might as well fix this…


In other news. How do I get that hood. Its not showing up for me.

  1. Own an Android device
    1.5) Download the app if you don’t already have it installed
  2. Go to the avatar editor in the mobile app
  3. Click on the link to get the hood
  4. Click “Get” or whatever it’s called

Here’s what it looks like on a character (btw I never realized how awesome the mobile avatar editor looked until now):

Support, I have the same issues.

Fyi, there was another thread created for this issue, and we’re aware of it!

This having this issue here, is there a solution to the problem?

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I also have the issue, the news messages stay unread.

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