Fixed an animation

I saw someone post on an animation they made (a push up).

When I saw the animation, it was pretty scruffy and needed a fix up.
But, no hate to them the animation is still pretty good!
Only issues were the animation had bad limb separation and the torso movement was really linear!
(post link: My mans getting a sweat on! - #8 by Cristiano100)

I decided to remake his push up animation and here’s what I created:

Again, no hate to the original poster, I just think that if he does see this he should definitely work on his limb movement and try not to separate it too much

Edit: My version is also still pretty bad but oh well I only spent 10 minutes on this


It’s not bad!

One thing is the arms don’t bend much and from the backside view it looks like the arms kind of disconnect a little from the body.


10 mins? Man if i have to make that id take 10 months good job! I really love it

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I like the animation, the way you fixed it was good, and it’s surprising you made this in only 10 minutes, good job.

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