[FIXED] Argo - Sci-Fi Spaceship Showcase

Greetings everyone!

So I am proud to share with you my showcase called Argo. Basically it is a sci-fi spaceship and you can explore a part of it. At the moment it is very basic with only a server room and passenger cabins, however I am working on a passenger hub, pressurization chamber, and a cinematic introduction to the game. Along with a few other ideas as well.

I would really appreciate your feedback on it and if you show some support.

Game link: https://www.roblox.com/games/380371761



I love this so much! Theres so much attention to detail, everything from the lighting to the individual nuts and bolts in the walls and floors. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to seeing builds from you in the near future!

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Yo, I was looking for some inspiration but your showcase is broken.

This showcase is super broken. You cant get in to it. Please move the spawnpoint to inside the building.


Spawn point is broken or deleted, you spawn outside the spaceship and cant get in

All fixed. Sorry about that. That was just me updating a few things and forgot about it.

Hey man, thanks for the heads up. It has all been fixed now.

Have done already. Thank you for the heads up.