(Fixed) Backpack, tools and camera broken across all games

Backpacks and tools are broken across all games. The camera is also acting very weird in many games, zooming in even when there appears to be nothing blocking the camera. Pressing the ` button brings up an empty backpack GUI, even if the player’s backpack is full of gear. None of the hotkeys (1-9) equip a tool even though the player’s backup is full.

My game, Azure Mines, along with any other game that is reliant on tools is completely broken right now. The camera is acting very weird and acts like its constantly hitting things even when nothing is there

Edit: everything appears to be fine on Xbox

I can confirm this on Ultimate Driving, so can the forums. Could this be relevant to the backpack?

Edit: Appears to be fixed now for new servers.

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That first image is my own script, not related to CoreGui or the camera.

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A fix for this is now live.