[FIXED] Blender does not import viewmodel rig correctly

Hey there!

I’ve been having troubles getting my viewmodel rigs to import into Roblox.

My original rig:

What happens in blender:

Anybody have any fixes?

Some additional information:

  • It does this regardless of Motor6D hierarchy
  • I use the blender import/export rig plugin to do this
  • I have completely re-reigged it twice
  • There is no humanoid

Thanks :heart:

What are you using to export it? cause mines work fine.

in blender:

in studio:

The blender rig exporter plugin.


have you motor6d the hands to the guns handle?

try these arms,

Everything is rigged correctly. I can animate in in Studio just fine.

I fixed it. Changes made to fix the issue:

Don’t name the arms “Left Arm” or “Right Arm”

That’s gotta be the stupidest bug to be perfectly honest. Regardless, it works! If you want, you can still name them “LeftArm” or “RightArm,” but just don’t put that space in there.

Annotation 2020-09-07 180924

Hope I helped!

Ok the problem is maybe from the rblx animation plugin