[fixed] Creating new object no longer selects it automatically

This started happening yesterday when I was making a game.


  • Create a new place in Studio
  • Create a new object
  • Observe

Edit: This doesn’t happen when creating a new object in the UI tab at the top.
If I made any mistakes in this bug report, please tell me.


um… what is the bug anyway… i can’t see anything wrong in the video
can you tell me what wrong with the part why you put this in studio bugs?

Normally when you create a new part Studio automatically selects it for you. Now it doesn’t anymore and it feels very strange to me.

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I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it is intentional, however I have noticed that this has been around for a while. I didn’t think much of it.

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Can you open the Insert Objects widget from the right click menu (or white plus in the explorer) and select the down arrow on the widget’s corner and make sure the select new instances option is enabled?

On my phone so I can’t write more specific instructions. Sometimes these settings get reset at seemingly random (after updates?)


I’ve too been experiencing this since last update for both the white button and right click insert, I hope this isn’t intentional because it’s much tougher to select the recently created Instance than previously.

I went to check and the option was off. Thank you for helping!

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Thanks PeZsmistic for taking care of this question, and thanks brokenVectors for bringing this up. To attempt to prevent this confusion going forward, we will soon be going back to the old behavior of insert part always being selected. Only items inserted from the Insert Object Widget will respect the Insert Object Window Settings.


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