[fixed] CURL errors again, breaking DataStores and MarketplaceService

CURL error (curl_easy_perform, 23F83390): Timeout was reached
MarketPlaceService::PlayerOwnsAsset failed because CURL error (curl_easy_perform, 394F7A18): SSL connect error

Any game that uses DataStores cannot use them


Yup. Happening right now.


I also think this is the reason studio is loading super slow when using Play Solo.

What sort of problems will this cause? I am going through iability to chat, pull up develepor console, and places created with the CreatePlace API are crashing. Is this all related?

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I think the entire api.roblox.com is down

I finally connected my PS4 controller to my computer and this is the first thing that happens… sweet. I’m sure this’ll get fixed soon though!

Yup, I’ve been working on studio for the past 5 hours. Only very recently opening server and play solo have gotten slow.

Roblox Battle Remastered currently is closed because of this.
MarketplaceService is down. MarketplaceService is down. Character appearances are down. Chat is down. Everything is down, and the ratings of my game are taking massive hit since a lot of people already dislike the game.

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Aw. :frowning: I was about to go rekt some scrubs at Phantom Forces.

If this isn’t fixed in an hour (or if an admin replies to this post) someone should send a msg to the emergency dev mail.

Well, I must say that it is becoming annoying. Sure, they can’t have 100% uptime, I realize that. But please inform the playerbase, and don’t just do ‘We are fixing the problem, and you must inform your player regarding it.’

Couldn’t we get a banner on the website that explains ‘ROBLOX is experiencing problems. We will keep you updated !’

Yep, my entire game is broken.

This had to have happened on the weekend.

Pretty sure the rbxdev911 email is still read on the weekend

Website went down, so it got worse.

Amazon down?

I can’t even send PMs to people.

Oh, ninja. XD

The fact that the site is down for maintenance indicates that we don’t need to use RBXDev911. They’re aware of the problem.

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They’re probably already looking into it, I’m seeing the maintenance page. No need to rbxdev911

(Darn you lilly, ninja’d)

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They probably get an array of alerts when stuff goes down, seeing as how a lot of the company’s revenue depends on these services being up.