[FIXED!] Really crittical bug, Can not edit our game!

Please somebody help me with this…

Whenever me and my team are going to open our place to edit it it shows us this after some update we did!

The update was a new lobby for our game that we pasted it in our game (no viruses 100% sure) and after that we could not be able to edit our place, please help!

Can you (and anyone else experiencing the problem with a different game) provide the following information?

  • A link to the place you can’t open
  • Are you able to open other Team Create places?
  • Are you able to open TC if you revert the place to a previous version?
  • Did you insert a TerrainRegion into the game before publishing?
  • How long have you been trying to enter the game? (this may be a temporary service issue)
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As soon as you said:

I realised i did and somehow managed to remove it (from my recent saves) and publish it again and it worked! Thank you so much :smiley: