(FIXED) Roblox Game not showing up in studio, but does when its played

Yeah, so Idk whats happening here, but I decided to come to the forum for help.

So pretty much whats happening is this game my dev team is making isn’t showing up when load it up in studio. The UIs are, but the map and buildings aren’t. Take a look.

Here’s what shows up when I go to play it from the website. All of this should show up in studio but doesn’t for some reason. Making it a spoiler bc it’s not gonna be out for a bit.

Please let me know whats going on…

Try filtering the Explorer for “Script”. Are there any scripts that are loading the map in?

How familiar are you with studio?
Is the map built at a different location possibly? You should look inside workspace to check.
Is there a script loading the map? Does the map exist in Storage or being loaded by a script?
Was there some kind of error on studio’s part? You can open up the Output Pane to check for warning or errors.

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Maybe check the position of your map, and see if it is far away from the baseplate, and spawning you at the map.

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Apparently all I had to do was go back a couple place versions and it came back. Luckily, not a lot has been done in it yesterday