*Fixed* Song Picker for the new Roblox Sounds

This is an edited WORKING version of the following: Song Picker for the new Roblox Sounds

I will be maintaining this.

Patch Notes
-Fixed URL


Download it here: SorterRefactor.html (16.3 KB)

If you’re having trouble playing audio (it won’t load properly) try using Edge - it has a delay where it waits a bit for the sound to load and checks it, which Chrome doesn’t seem to do.

  • You can sort songs by their genres, with the buttons at the top
  • Clicking on the song gives you a popup, with details and a link to the catalog page
  • Preview the sound in the browser (this is a bit buggy, try slowly entering and re-exiting the popup a few times until it loads)
  • Get the songs assetId, a brief summary of it and how long since it was updated

Note: Please beware that after a long time with the page open gathering info on sounds, sorting by genre can take a while to process. This is normal, and is due to the massive volume of sounds Roblox has uploaded.

Libraries + Resources used:


I love the idea! It looks nice and clean and minimalist in a way. Great job!

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Thank you for creating this! But why are you using a proxy? I am curious to know :thinking:.