[Fixed] Studio freezes when playing the game! Help!

I tested my game in studio and it just freezes. This never happened before and my game is low poly and only has 2,200 parts which is odd.

So this is my place and when I click “Play” it just freezes on this screen

I updated the palce and went to play the game itself and the loading screen spun forever and the servers said this,
Any help? This didn’t happen before and now all of a sudden its like this and I don’t know what to do. Thanks

Try restarting studio, and trying again. Another possible solution is to update roblox studio. If this is still occurring, uninstall roblox studio and install it back. Or just shutdown all of your game servers, then try.

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Did you mean 2,200 items? Or actual parts.

Because if it is 2,200 items, then you might’ve accidentally duplicated all of the items. I’m sure that might be possible (or it’s just me, I froze Studio twice since I accidentally cloned everything holding CTRL+A).

If it is parts, since if you can start grouping some parts together.

I used a brick counter and it counted 2,200 parts so I’m sure that’s what it meant.

I just restarted my computer and it worked again. But thanks for the methods you gave!