FIXED What is error while creating named asset: http 400 invalid universe?

i figured it out it uploaded it just didnt show in studio i had to go to my decals in the create page on the roblox site

i get error 400 when uploading a decal for a mesh

  1. What do you want to achieve? to upload a car paint decal

  2. What is the issue? i cant upload a decal

  3. What solutions have you tried so far? i tried reopening studio but it did not working and i tried looking on the devforums and on the dev hub

i dont know how to fix
the game is team create too and i was just able to upload a decal a few hours ago

You need to save your place to a universe.

Can you tell us how to do this?

I’m having the same issue importing blender textures as png’s onto a mesh.

I see you titled the post “FIXED”, can you reply and let me know what it was that fixed this?

I’m having the same problem and can’t get my texture onto my mesh.

here is a screenshot of the solution