Fixing Bugged/Broken Roblox Gears

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all doing well. Lately, I’ve been a bit bored, and I thought, why not use this time to fix some of the broken gears on the platform?

I’ve noticed that many players have been frustrated with gears that don’t work as intended since a lot of features have been deprecated/broken, and it’s honestly sucks to see these classic items go away. So, I’ve decided to take on a little project: fixing almost every broken gear I can find!

If you come across any broken gears, please DM me with the details. I’ll do my best to get them working again, and you will be credited for finding the broken gear. Unfortunately, it’s just fixing the script and the actual gear might not be updated…

Let’s see how this goes…


For our first 3 broken gears, yes the dual SFOTH swords, thanks to @debscribe for DMing me these, I’ve taken the time to fix all three, and they should be working perfectly now :wink:

Dual Venomshank.rbxm (25.6 KB)
Dual Illumina.rbxm (22.7 KB)
Dual Darkhearts.rbxm (22.6 KB)


For the 4th one, @Sezei noticed this gear seems to have been broken and it was clientsided… However I made it support Filtering Enabled with remotes and a serverscript!

US Military Top Secret Experimental Jetpack.rbxm (15.6 KB)


Thank you @vintagetoysandmore for letting me know about this one being broken, this is a hilarious tool and glad it’s fixed now.

Attack Doge.rbxm (35.0 KB)


Thank you @httpcachepolicy for letting me know about the Spray Paint being client sided, I fixed it!

Spray Paint.rbxm (20.2 KB)