Fixing walking / running animation

Ever since the weighted animation blend update, my movement animations have been wonky. I have reuploaded them to Action 1 but this issue still persists. The animation appears to be blending with the default walk animation even though I forked the default animation script (changed the default walk animation) and then deleted the old script. I did stop all previous animations as well.

How its supposed to look

How it actually looks

I have tried searching for this but I cannot seem to come across a solution. I’m hoping there is some property in the animate script that is causing this issue instead of the fundamental changes in the update itself

So, I think you need to change the walkspeed for the walking animation. They made it so that if the walkspeed is closer to 16 (which plays their running animation), it’ll blend it in with the walking animation to try and create a “realistic” feel. I’ve tested around with this, and thought that maybe having the walkspeed be 5-8 it would look a lot better.

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Ah thanks! it seemed to be a combination of me not changing the animation values (listed underneath the bool values of the animate script) and your answer

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They have a LOT of code beneath those so, I wish you a good luck on the script and what it seems to be a Spider-Man game.

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