Fixing zoomed in/blurry texture quality on mobile devices

There is a problem with image quality on lower-end mobile devices, and it makes every image that it loads very zoomed in.

I’d like to fix it, but don’t know how. Here are some examples of images showing this issue in my games:

Play UI for an RPG game, you can’t even make out what anything is.

Default Roblox leaderstats menu, I think that white thing is the premium logo?

Suburban template spawn, the terrain is very zoomed in.

This is the X button that’s in the top left after hitting esc.

Sand material with grass beside it to compare.

This is a big problem, because it would direct a lot of players away from my games, and Roblox entirely. If there’s a way to fix it in studio (not per device), I would use it to prevent this.

I’ve tried turning on Force 4X MSAA in developer options (android), but it changes nothing. If anyone knows a fix, I’d gladly use it.

Extra: This could also be a bug, but also maybe not. It could be to improve performance, but I doubt that’d help, and it wouldn’t really matter if you can’t see what anything is in the first place. I feel like changing the lighting would do a much better job at fixing performance issues on lower-end devices.


I am also having this problem…would be nice to know why it does this and how to fix it…

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