Flagging a post shows a gray dot instead of a blue one

Browser Information: Microsoft Edge, Version 91.0.864.67
Impact: Extremely low
Frequency: Consistently
Date First Experienced: 7/17/21
Date Last Experienced: 7/17/21

Reproduction Steps:
NOTE: This issue only occurs on Microsoft edge, so make sure your using Microsoft edge when trying to reproduce this issue.

  1. Flag any post.
  2. Click on any one of the prompts.
  3. It will show a gray dot instead of a blue one

It will look like this:

Expected Behavior: It should show a blue dot when flagging a post.
Actual Behavior: It shows me a gray dot.

Workaround: Use a browser other than Microsoft Edge


Can’t reproduce. Is it possibly the fact that the theme is affecting it?

No, I don’t think so. I just tried it with the dark theme and had the same issue:

What are your browser/computer specs? I can’t reproduce on the latest Firefox w/ latest Windows 10.

I just checked and its yellow for me(I have grey amber theme)

Went off the devforum into a different discourse forum and I do think that this has to do with the color palette. It is possible that Roblox changed it for more visibility. It would also explain why a custom theme like the one I have installed still has it.

Using latest version of Microsoft edge on Windows 10, it seems to only happen on edge though, if I try and flag something in chrome it works fine.

I don’t think this is a color palette issue, if I flag something in Google Chrome it shows me a blue dot, it seems to be a browser specific issue.

Yeah, this happens to me

Not sure why though

This is a little nitpicky for a bug report, no? This is likely just a component that differs based on Discourse color scheme or browser defaults.


Did you need to create a topic for colour of dot being different? It’s most likely Roblox setting it to that colour.

I don’t think so because by the looks of it, @ItsKoiske has the same theme applied as me (Greyish Amber (think thats what it’s called)


Yeah, it’s a different colour. But what is the point, if it’s changed or not changed?

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