Flamethrower Engine Credits

Thank you for playing flamethrower engine. This is a list of credits to creators of items and assets I’ve used in this game.

Updates will be made over time.
Created 6/7/24
Last updated 6/7/24

Gothic - Zero Project (Spawn Music)
Conor Albert - Jumpy (Spawn Music)
scizzie - aquatic ambience (Spawn Music)
availax - FOCUS, NYUTOPIA, STRESS, whoops, adrenaline, waves (Spawn Music)
Eldia - Aire / Memory (Spawn Music)
Mayo. - 804 (Spawn Music)
Deathbrain - how to sleep (Spawn Music)
usedcvnt - you’re my friend now (Trailer Music, Spawn Music)

WeatherAPI - Functioning API for Weather

darkshadowcrow997 - Trailer Help

stickmasterluke - Destructable Models