Flappy noob nearing beta

I present: Flappy noob!

(I sped it up so it wouldn’t be too long)
Flappy noob is a game inspired by flappy bird. The general concept is the same, but I have a lot of ideas to make it even better than the orginial.

  1. In-game currency (Noobux)
  2. Multiplayer mode
  3. A shop with accessories, flying animations, trails, and extra lives
  4. Competitive online leaderboards
  5. Events (Windy day)

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Here’s the game if you’d like to try it yourself:
Note that after a while you’ll get past the pipes because I didn’t make that much yet.


A few tips…

  1. You could add different areas, each with a different theme.
  2. Probably the last thing you’re gonna do: better gui
  3. Backgrounds
    Otherwise, great idea and I want to see how it ends up!
    Edit: The gui for number of obstacles passed can block out the obstacles…
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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I was gonna make the points gui semi transparent

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I told my friend about this game! btw its pretty nice!

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