Flash Universe (Abstract Vision) - Game Information

Flash Universe Full Update Log

Latest Update:

Release Date: 2024-02-03T05:00:00Z


  • Slowed down day/night cycle
  • Removed Minimap
  • Updated DCEU Flash running animation
  • Added +25 speed for group members
  • Added trail customization to Savitar GUI


  • Added Reverse Flash (Eobard Thawne) in the Speedsters category
  • Added Music Meister (The Brave and the Bold) as a villain in the Gamepass category
  • Added gamepass notifications
  • Added 2x daily rewards for VIP owners
  • Added 1.5x mission rewards for VIP owners
  • Enabled voice chat
  • Added special lightning effects for DCEU Gamepass characters
  • Added character tilt
  • Added an outline to Young Justice characters to give them a more animated style
  • Added Favourite button to top bar


  • Changed Reverse Flash to Reverse Flash (Harrison Wells)
  • Updated cowls and hairs for several characters
  • Updated alter ego for Kid Flash
  • Updated alter ego for The Flash (Season 4 & 5)
  • Added toggleable glowing eyes to Reverse Flash Characters
  • Added 3D Splicer to Firestorm (Ronnie & Jax) and Deathstorm
  • Updated Deathstorm character model
  • Added alter ego for New 52 Flash
  • Updated suits for several characters:
    • The Flash S6
    • The Flash S8
    • Reverse Flash S8
    • Comic Jay Garrick
    • Professor Zoom
    • Pollux (Earth 90)
    • The Rival (Comics)
    • Dark Flash (Comics)
    • Iris West
    • Jesse Quick
    • Trajectory
    • & more
  • Changed Reverse Flash Earth X alter ego to Harrison Wells
  • Updated Future Flash suit
  • Added rainbow particles to Abstract Racer
  • Added alter ego for Breacher
  • Gave all Savitar variants a strength increase
  • Added 3D suit to Golden Death
  • Added Cobalt Blue to the Speedsters category
  • Added DCEU Flash 2023, Bat-Flash (Young Barry), and Dark Flash to the DCEU Flash / Movie Flash Pack gamepass
  • Added 3D Emblems to more characters:
    • Negative Flash
    • New 52 Flash
    • Godspeed Comics
    • Wally West Rebirth
  • Made Music Meister (CW) a hero


  • Fixed XBOX Controls for Music Meister
  • Fixed Power Absorption for Music Meister not working on XBOX
  • Fixed E button not working for Music Meister
  • Fixed bug where Quicksilver’s trail would break when using Velocity-X
  • Fixed bug where you would be stuck in Hero Mission 6 if playing as a villain


  • Removed VIP room
  • Updated sky and lighting
  • Fixed several locations being too bright
  • Updated pipeline vault door


  • Updated all text font in-game
  • Updated Menu:
    • Store Tab is now up to date
    • Updated Settings Tab look
  • Updated Music Meister beam accuracy
  • Fixed Music Meister’s beam particles facing the wrong direction
  • The end of Music Meister’s beam now disappears if not touching anything


  • Updated cowls for all NPCs
  • Updated suits for necessary NPCs
  • Updated particle effect for necessary NPCs


  • Removed DeVoe Lair in the lobby
  • Added Cortex in the lobby
  • Moved characters to Speedsters Category:
    • The Flash (Oliver Queen)
    • Reverse Flash (Earth X)
    • The Flash (Earth 90)
  • Moved characters into Gamepass Category:
  • All VIP Category characters
  • Updated Earth Images
  • Added Alias text under Character name in the lobby
  • Reordered categories
  • Moved Red Death to Unlockables & moved Golden Death to Original Flash Pack #3 (Discontinued)


  • Renamed Flash Pack #4 to Flash Pack #3
  • Put Quicksilver bundle on sale permanently

Update Archive

Version 4.2

Release Date: 2023-12-06T05:00:00Z

Version 4.1

Release Date: 2023-10-11T04:00:00Z

  • Readded limited-time Phantom Flash gamepass (goes off-sale on November 11th):
    Phantom Flash - Roblox
  • Added fall theme to all Earths
Version 4.0

Release Date: 2023-08-19T04:00:00Z

Gameplay Changes:

  • Added speed boost
  • Added Sprint to all Firestorm variants. Only works if Fire Activation is disabled
  • Added Hide HUD toggle to the Topbar
  • Increased Lightning throw distance from 200 to 500
  • Updated ragdoll on death

New Features:

  • Added Music Meister (Gamepass)
  • Added Velocity X (In-Game Purchase)
  • Added icons above NPC’s heads
  • Added 3D emblems to multiple characters
  • Added Premium characters category
  • Added Fire Activation toggle to Firestorm
  • Added Speedster Particles toggle to the Menu
  • Added Tachyon glow to Speedsters going above 200 speed

Character Updates:

  • Updated Godspeed suit
  • Updated The Flash S4 suit
  • Updated Kid Flash suit
  • Updated The Flash (Oliver Queen) beard
  • Moved Black Flash S6 from Group characters to Premium characters
  • Added JLA Flash into Premium category
  • Added XS Season 7 into Premium category
  • Added alter ego to Firestorm (Jefferson Jackson)
  • Added alter ego to Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)
  • Added alter ego to Dash
  • Updated Vibe’s hair
  • Updated Cisco Ramon alter ego
  • Updated Red Death suit to 3D armor
  • Updated DCEU Flash to 3D armor
  • Added punching to Shade’s normal form
  • New Tachyon
  • Updated Barry Allen Season 2 alter ego
  • Updated Captain Cold
  • Added Cold Gun back to Captain Cold
  • Updated Captain Cold controls list
  • Updated Heatwave
  • Added Heat Gun back to Heatwave
  • Updated Heatwave controls list
  • Updated Golden Glider
  • Added Gold Gun back to Golden Glider
  • Updated Golden Glider controls list
  • Made Trajectory’s lightning colour orange
  • Updated Red Rush suit

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed not being able to walk through the door where Barry kept Eobard prisoner
  • Fixed bug with Shade’s WalkSpeed after using Stomp
  • Fixed bug where your max health would not be updated in the Menu after leveling up
  • Fixed bank mission spawn area
  • Fixed bug where Firestorm’s animation would break if you used firestorm blast then used flight
  • Fixed bug where Shade’s walking animation would glitch after transforming
  • Fixed bug where you can still move while teleporting as Shade
  • Fixed bug where you’d sink with DCEU Flash suit
  • Fixed bug where Green Arrow NPC would constantly teleport to the center of the mission
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t breach on mobile/tablet devices

Map Updates:

  • Fixed shoreline
  • Added Red Death lair
  • Updated the breaches to the new breach effect
  • Lighting revamp
  • Made barrier for Hero Mission 4 smaller
  • Fixed phasing issue at the docks
  • Decreased brightness in S.T.A.R Labs

Visual Updates:

  • Updated Firestorm’s flying
  • Updated Dr. Light blast visuals
  • Updated Vibe breach visuals
  • Updated Cicada blast
  • Updated Cicada II and Bunny Guy Ergokinesis visuals
  • Updated Firestorm blast
  • Updated body lightning effects for speedsters who have them (Zoom, Godspeed, VX users, etc)
  • Updated trail and trail effects
  • Updated Quicksilver trails
  • Updated Lightning Throw
  • Decreased brightness on Killer Frost freeze

NPC Updates:

  • Added 3D Emblems to Speedster NPCs
  • Updated Vibe NPC’s hair
  • Updated Green Arrow NPC
  • Updated Prometheus NPC
  • Updated Dark Arrow NPC
  • Updated Firestorm NPC
  • Updated Firestorm NPC Blast
  • Updated Dr. Light Blast


  • Removed “Character Pack 5” and added a Discontinued category in the lobby
Version 3.9


Release Date: 2023-06-17T04:00:00Z

  • Added 3D armor to DCEU Flash from the Gamepasses section

You can find and purchase this character in the Crossover Speedsters Pack as per usual: Movie Flash Pack - Roblox


Release Date: 2023-05-27T04:00:00Z

  • Added new hero mission: Defeat Versatrax and his goons
  • Added new villain mission: Kill Precisionly and his staff
  • Added Abstract Racer v2 and Dark Velocity v2 in the Group category
  • Added The Flash Season 8/9 in the Speedsters category
  • Added Fast Track (CW) in the Speedsters category
  • Added Chester P. Runk in the Humans category
  • Added Henry Allen in the Humans category
  • Added alter ego to Young Justice Flash
  • Added alter ego to Impulse (CW)
  • Added alter ego to Impulse Stealth (CW)
  • Added alter ego to The Flash (Earth 90)
  • Added chat bubbles
  • Fixed Earth-2 NPCs having old trails
  • Fixed bug with some mission barriers not spawning
  • Fixed bug with Dark Arrow randomly spawning on top of the bridge
  • Fixed issue with Cicada/Bunny Guy not being able to dampen the abilities of certain NPCs
  • Fixed issue with controls not showing for some characters
  • Fixed issue with Killer Frost NPC’s hair not spawning on all earths
  • Fixed controls not appearing for certain characters
  • Fixed Reverse Flash S8 tachyon not being in the correct place
  • Fixed bug with not spawning near Earth-2 missions on death
  • Fixed bug with NPCs disappearing when hitting the barrier on Earth-2
  • Fixed bug with The Mist flying into the ground when pressing 2 keys at the same time
  • Fixed bug where player would get stuck underwater while running on it
  • Fixed bug where user could not use power dampen with Bunny Guy on XBOX
  • Updated Impulse (CW) and Impulse Stealth (CW)'s hair to fit the character more
  • Updated The Flash NPC to have The Flash Season 8/9 suit and cowl on Earth-1 and Earth-AV
  • Updated The XS NPC to have the same hair as the character
  • Updated the alter ego for Trajectory to look more fitting
  • Updated The Flash S1 alter ego on all earths
  • Updated Impulse (CW) and Impulse Stealth (CW)'s trails to be yellow instead of orange.
  • Updated Shade to look more realistic
  • Update the Earth-42 characters Tachyons so they fit the character
  • Updated all Young Justice character trails to be more accurate to the show
  • Updated Young Justice Kid Flash, Stealth, and Polar suits to look better (thanks to Duc)
  • Updated The Flash S2 and The Flash (Wally West)
  • Updated the order of the Speedsters in the Lobby
Version 3.8

Release Date: 2023-04-01T04:00:00Z

  • Added Reverse Flash S8 into the Speedsters category
  • Readded limited-time “Quicksilver Bundle” which unlocks Quicksilver (Comics), Pietro Maximoff (WandaVision), Tommy Maximoff (WandaVision), Quicksilver (MCU), and Quicksilver (X-Men)
  • Added limited-time “April Fool’s Pack” which unlocks Dash, Red Rush, A-Train and Hedgehog Fanboy

Purchase the Quicksilver Bundle gamepass for 150 Robux (goes off-sale on May 10th):
Quicksilver Bundle - Roblox

Purchase the April Fool’s Pack Gamepass for 150 Robux (goes off-sale on May 10th):
April Fool’s Pack - Roblox

Version 3.7

Release Date: 2023-03-03T05:00:00Z

  • Readded limited-time “March Bundle” gamepass which unlocks Leprechaun Flash (Speedster) and Bunny Guy (Reskin of Cicada II) in the Gamepasses category
  • Removed Winter map theme
  • Minor terrain changes

Purchase the March Bundle Gamepass for 275 Robux (goes off-sale on April 10th):
March Bundle - Roblox

Version 3.6

Release Date: 2023-02-23T05:00:00Z

  • Readded limited-time “Cupid Flash Pack” gamepass which unlocks Cupid Flash (Male) and Cupid Flash (Female) in the Gamepasses category

Purchase the “Cupid Flash Pack” Gamepass for 120 Robux:
Cupid Flash Pack - Roblox

Version 3.5

Release Date: 2022-12-21T05:00:00Z

  • Changed map to snow on Earth 1
  • Readded Elf Flash as a limited-time gamepass character
  • Minor bug fixes

Purchase the Elf Flash Gamepass for 80 Robux (goes off-sale on January 10th):
Elf Flash - Roblox

Version 3.4

Release Date: 2021-12-23T05:00:00Z

  • Changed map to snow on Earth 1
  • Added Elf Flash as a limited-time gamepass character
  • Added new Speedster running animation
  • Minor bug fixes

Purchase the Elf Flash Gamepass for 80 Robux (goes off-sale on January 10th):
Elf Flash - Roblox

Version 3.3


Release Date: 2021-06-13T04:00:00Z

  • Added Big Belly Burger on Earth 1
  • Added S.T.A.R. Labs Gym on Earth 1
  • Added Pride Flash as a group character
  • Updated Black Flash (E42)'s Body Colors


Release Date: 2021-06-05T04:00:00Z

  • Added CW Impulse in Speedsters category
  • Added CW Impulse (Stealth) in the Group category (Join the group linked below to unlock him)
  • Added Character Pack 5 Gamepass: Godspeed (E42), Kid Flash (E42), Black Flash (E42), Wally West Flash (E42), Killer Frost (E42), Strength Force Kid Flash, Strength Force Godspeed, Strength Force Wally West Flash
  • Added Shiny Savitar as a VIP character
  • Added Vibe (Earth 42) as a group character
  • Added S.T.A.R. Labs Memorial Room on Earth 1
  • Added separate category for VIP characters in the Lobby
  • Fixed STAR Labs exit button teleporting you back inside on Earth 1
  • Fixed Girder’s controls being broken
  • Fixed certain character controls not appearing on Xbox

Purchase the Character Pack 5 Gamepass for 200 Robux:
Discontinued Pack #1 [Originally Flash Pack #5] - Roblox

Join Dustin Designs to unlock CW Impulse (Stealth) in the group section:
Dustin Designs - Roblox

Version 3.2

Release Date: 2021-05-08T04:00:00Z

  • Added Earth AV
  • Added Flashpoint
  • Increased maximum level to 108
  • Changed Donation pass to VIP pass & added new perks: VIP chat tag, access to the VIP lounge & Arrowcave, exclusive characters [Cicada (Comics), Strength Force Reverse Flash, Tornado Twins (Don Allen and Dawn Allen), Knightmare Flash]
  • Added Gypsy in the Metahumans section
  • Added Strength Force Black Flash as a Level 108 unlockable
  • Added hills and mountains on Earth 1
  • Updated Obstacle Course Race Track on Earth 1
  • Added storage facility on Earth 1
  • Added an electric gas station on Earth 1
  • Added alter ego to Quicksilver (MCU)
  • Added a forcefield to the Reverse Flash Trap on Earth 1
  • Changed Killer Frost (Comics)'s face
  • Fixed bug that allowed a player using Vibe to open breaches into the sky and interiors of buildings

NOTE: A future update will include mission changes on Earth-AV.

Purchase the VIP Gamepass for 300 Robux:
VIP - Roblox

Version 3.1

Release Date: 2021-04-17T04:00:00Z

  • Added XBOX support for all characters
  • Added Anti-Monitor Lair on Earth 1
  • Added McCulloch Technologies on Earth 1
  • Updated the exterior of STAR Labs on Earth 1
  • Expanded Earth 1 map
  • Added obstacle course race track on Earth 1
  • Added wind turbines on Earth 1
  • Added more trees in the forest on Earth 1
  • Added two group characters: Flash (DCAMU) & Reverse Flash (DCAMU)
  • Hiding the HUD will now also hide the Savitar Customization Menu
  • Attempted to fix bug where other characters who have been resized appear disjointed
  • Fixed bug where the Speedster alter ego animation did not play on Earth 15
Version 3.0

Release Date: 2021-04-01T04:00:00Z

  • Added Quicksilver Bundle which unlocks Quicksilver (Comics), Pietro Maximoff (WandaVision), Tommy Maximoff (WandaVision), Quicksilver (MCU), and Quicksilver (X-Men)
  • Added Central City Docking Station on Earth 1
  • Updated the exterior of STAR Labs on Earth 1
  • Changed Combat key to LeftMouseClick, Phasing to F, and Phase Hand to G for Speedsters (except Flash Frost)

Purchase the Quicksilver Bundle Gamepass for 150 Robux (goes off-sale on April 30th):
Quicksilver Bundle - Roblox

Version 2.9


Release Date: 2021-03-20T04:00:00Z

  • Added speed control system for Speedsters (Q = Increase Speed, E = Decrease Speed, Left Shift = Toggle Speed)
  • Changed Combat key to F, Phasing key to G, and Phase Hand key to V for Speedsters
  • Increased Maximum Level to 105
  • Added Flash Frost in the Unlockables section [Unlocked at Level 105]
  • Added March Bundle gamepass which includes two limited-time characters: Bunny Guy (Cicada II reskin) and Leprechaun Flash
  • Added Hero Mission on E1: Defeat Savitar’s worshippers
  • Added Villain Mission on E1: Defeat Abstract Racer and custom speedsters
  • Added Cicada’s cabin in the forest
  • Added camera shake effect for Speedsters when running at 250+ speed
  • Added “Enable Camera Shake” toggle in Settings tab that enables/disables the camera shake for Speedsters
  • Buffed Cicada’s dagger throw damage by 30%
  • Added David Singh into the Humans category and added alter ego
  • Updated Future Flash 2024’s appearance and added alter ego
  • Updated XS and Negative XS’s appearances and alter ego appearances
  • Updated Iris West’s alter ego appearance
  • Updated Savitar’s alter ego appearance
  • Updated Cecile Horton’s appearance and added alter ego
  • Updated Eddie Thawne’s appearance and added alter ego
  • Updated Trajectory’s appearance and alter ego
  • Updated Golden Glider’s appearance and added alter ego
  • Updated The Rival’s alter ego appearance
  • Updated Harrison Wells E2’s appearance and added alter ego
  • Updated Patty Spivot’s appearance and added alter ego
  • Updated Jesse Quick’s appearance and alter ego
  • Updated Julian Albert’s appearance and added alter ego
  • Updated Nora Allen’s appearance
  • The “Hide Mission Alerts” setting now hides the current Metahuman Alert in addition to future ones
  • Pressing H to hide the HUD now hides the Mission Alert and the overhead display’s of other players and NPCs
  • Fixed bug where the settings in the Menu would not work when toggled again
  • Fixed bug where if you hid the Tachyon and you respawned, the Tachyon would show for a second before being hidden
  • Fixed bug where Cicada, Cicada II, and Killer Frost could use powers when frozen by Killer Frost
  • Fixed Cicada powers being able to be used on party members
  • Fixed Trajectory’s alter ego having the wrong trail color
  • Minor bug fixes for the Cicada power dampening ability
  • Fixed several characters having incorrect controls
  • Fixed Gideon chat system messages being incorrect/outdated

Purchase the March Bundle Gamepass for 275 Robux (goes off-sale on April 10th):
March Bundle - Roblox


Release Date: 2021-03-13T05:00:00Z

  • Made Alter Ego free for everyone; added new “Custom Savitar” gamepass that replaces the Alter Ego gamepass
  • Added Cicada into the Metahumans section
  • Added Cicada II into the Gamepasses section
  • Added full body armor for Savitar, Red Savitar, & Green Savitar
  • When Killer Frost freezes someone, their powers will be disabled (except Killer Frost, Cicada, & Cicada II)
  • Added Killer Frost (Comics) into Unlockables section [Unlocked at Level 30]
  • Buffed Phase Hand damage by 10 damage & increased cooldown by 5 seconds
  • Added alter egos to Cupid Flash (Male) and Cupid Flash (Female)
  • Updated the teleport screen in the Lobby so all places show up in the same view
  • Updated Impulse and Inertia with new clothes
  • Revamped Captain Cold’s appearance
  • Revamped Vibe’s glasses
  • Added camera shake effect to repulse abilities
  • Added new content to the Central City Race Track
  • The water barrels at the Central City Race Track on Earth 1 now knock you down again
  • Increased speed of the day & night cycle
  • Added green “[Member]” chat tag for Abstract Vision group members
  • Updated Savitar NPC and Savitar models at Savitar Worship Place & Savitar’s Lair
  • Removed winter map theme on Earth 1
  • Fixed flight not working on mobile devices
  • Fixed bug that allowed the user to use repulse abilities when not standing on a solid surface
  • Fixed bug where if user teleported to the lobby as an alter ego, their selected character would default to The Flash S1
  • Fixed bug where Lightspeed’s cowl didn’t show up on the Earth places
  • Fixed bug where Speedsters could use lightning throw in the water and fling into the air
  • Fixed bug that allowed the user to use other moves while using Killer Frost’s freeze ability
  • Fixed bug that caused the combat animations to be in the wrong order for Speedsters and Metahumans
  • Fixed controls not appearing for Christmas Flash & Phantom Flash

Purchase the Cicada II Gamepass for 250 Robux:
Cicada II - Roblox

Purchase the Custom Savitar Gamepass for 75 Robux:
Custom Savitar - Roblox

Version 2.8

Release Date: 2021-01-30T05:00:00Z

  • Added limited-time “Cupid Flash Pack” gamepass which unlocks Cupid Flash (Male) and Cupid Flash (Female) in the Gamepasses category

Purchase the “Cupid Flash Pack” Gamepass for 120 Robux:
Cupid Flash Pack - Roblox

NOTE: The next update will include Cicada, new Savitar armor, and more!

Version 2.7

Release Date: 2020-12-23T05:00:00Z


  • Added new phasing effect that blurs your character (graphics quality must be 8 or higher)
  • Made the scrollbar more visible for the teleport menu in the Lobby
  • Clicking the thumbnail of an Earth in the lobby no longer teleports you, you must click the actual teleport button now
  • Added snow on the ground for Earth 1
  • Nerfed Zombie NPC’s health & increased walkspeed from 16 to 23 on Earth 15
  • The Fallout NPC on Earth 15 now explodes on death and deals damage to nearby players
  • The Earth 15 Zombie NPCs were changed to Radioactive Zombie NPCs and now explode on death and deal damage to nearby players
  • Added new spawn locations on Earth 15
  • You now spawn near the current mission on Earth 15
  • Changed skybox and lighting on Earth 15
  • Updated Earth 15 thumbnail in Lobby
  • Nerfed the health of Comic Vibes and Breacher on Earth 15
  • Added alter ego to Phantom Flash
  • Added alter ego to Christmas Flash
  • Made the Abstract Vision Logo in the STAR Labs parking lot phaseable on Earth 1, Earth 2, and Earth 15
  • Added soccer field in Earth 15
  • Made the soccer field phaseable on Earth 1 and Earth 15
  • The soccer ball will now teleport back to its origin if it moves too far from the field
  • Minor performance improvements for Earth 15


  • Fixed Earth 15 VIP servers
  • Fixed the alter ego animation not playing for Speedsters on Earth 15
  • Fixed the Black Flash (Comics) NPC having no trail on Earth 15
  • Fixed the Red Racer NPC having no trail on Earth 15
  • Fixed the text of the Vibe & Friends Earth 15 mission location being incorrect
  • Fixed the HumanoidRootPart’s being visible on the NPCs for the Dead Heroes’ mission on Earth 15
  • Fixed Comic Vibe NPC not being able to move on Earth 15
  • Fixed Breacher NPC having the wrong blast color on Earth 15
  • Fixed Phantom Flash’s particles not appearing on Earth 1, Earth 2, and Earth 15
  • Fixed bug that allowed Speedsters to punch while spinning around when using lightning throw
  • Fixed bug on Earth 15 and Earth 2 that teleported you under the map when a mission barrier loaded in
  • Fixed bug that occasionally made NPCs appear with disjointed body parts
  • Fixed bug that prevented Killer Frost from freezing NPCs
Version 2.6

Release Date: 2020-12-05T05:00:00Z

  • Added Earth 15 (Alpha)
  • Added new background music for Earth 1, Earth 2, and Earth 15
  • Changed Lighting Technology from ShadowMap to Future
  • Applied Winter Theme to Earth 1
  • Readded Soccer Field in Earth 1
  • Added two limited-time game passes for the Gamepasses category: Christmas Flash & Meta-Santa

Purchase the Christmas Flash Gamepass for 75 Robux:
Christmas Flash - Roblox

Purchase the Meta-Santa Gamepass for 100 Robux:
Meta-Santa - Roblox

Version 2.5

Release Date: 2020-10-28T04:00:00Z

  • Added fall theme to Earth 1 and Earth 2 maps
  • Added limited-time Phantom Flash gamepass in the Gamepasses category

Purchase the Phantom Flash Gamepass for 75 Robux:
Phantom Flash - Roblox

Version 2.4

Release Date: 2020-08-02T04:00:00Z

  • Added Pre-Crisis Earth 2 (Beta)
  • Revamped lobby
  • Added new lobby music
  • Added Cisco’s workshop on Earth 1
  • Added COIE hangar with Oliver’s memorial on Earth 1
  • Your last selected character from Earth 1 or Earth 2 now saves in the lobby
  • Added Parallax Flash in the Unlockables section
  • Added Soviet Flash (Earth 30) in the Unlockables section
  • Added Icicle (Earth 2) in the Unlockables section
  • Added Reverse Flash (Earth 42) in the Unlockables section
  • Added Flash (Earth 42) in the Unlockables section
  • Added Strength Force Flash in the Unlockables section
  • Added Jesse Chambers in the Unlockables section
  • Added John Fox in the Unlockables section
  • Added Deathstorm (Comics) in the Unlockables section
  • Added Hot Pursuit in the Unlockables section
  • Added Red Racer in the Unlockables Section
  • Added Accelerator Earth 39 in the Unlockables Section
  • Added 6th Dimension Flash in the Unlockables Section
  • Added Lightspeed (Earth 32) in the Unlockables Section
  • Added Golden Death in the Unlockables Section
  • Added Barry Testing Suit in the Speedsters section
  • Added Flash Grodd in the Speedsters section
  • Added Deathstorm in the Metahumans section
  • Added Breacher in the Metahumans section
  • Added Reverb in the Metahumans section
  • Added Dark Ice in the Beta section
  • Added Snowstorm in the Beta section
  • Made Red Death’s eyes neon

Disclaimer: Earth-2 will look similar to Earth-1 in this latest update. However, iconic locations from Earth-1 have been removed and we made the new locations for Earth-2. The only similarity both Earths will have is the same map aside from certain differences. We ask for your patience on this map, because it would take us a lot more time to redo the entirety of the map in time for an update. Therefore Earth-2 right now is in BETA stage. In the future, we will potentially take the time to redo Earth-2 and make it more accurately represented.

Version 2.3

Release Date: 2020-07-04T04:00:00Z

  • Added new alter ego to XS
  • Added alter ego to Killer Frost
  • Added terrain water and running on water for Speedsters
  • Added alter ego to Young Justice Kid Flash
  • Slightly reduced brightness of Speedster glow
  • Replaced Reverse Flash alter ego with Eobard Thawne 2049 (Prisoner)
  • Added old Eobard Thawne alter ego to RF Earth X
  • Added alter ego to DCEU Flash
  • Added alter ego to Negative Flash
  • Added alter ego to Impulse
  • Added alter ego to Inertia
  • Added new alter ego to Flash S6 and Dark Flash; updated Alter Egos of other Flash’s (S1, S2, S4)
  • Fixed Trajectory’s trail color
  • Added a camera blur effect when phasing
  • Hiding your Tachyon now hides it for everyone, instead of just you
  • Added alter ego to Dark Velocity
  • Added body particles to Professor Zoom (New 52)
  • Added body particles to Negative Flash
  • Added alter ego to Abstract Racer
  • Revamped Shade and updated his appearance
  • Revamped Blackout and updated his appearance
  • Added alter ego to Vibe
  • Added alter ego to Year One Future Flash
  • Fixed NPCs being able to walk through trees and buildings
  • Revamped Vibe
  • Balanced Firestorm’s flight speed and made flight a toggle
  • Revamped Girder
  • Revamped Fallout
  • Revamped Dr. Light
  • Added punching to all Metahumans
  • Press M to mute in-game music
  • Made The Mist’s flight a toggle
  • Increased knockback from Tornado Hands
  • Added Icicle in Metahumans category
  • Readded Future Flash (2024) into Speedsters category
  • Added Black Flash S6 (suit from Grant’s IG) as a Group Only character
  • Fixed bug which prevented movement after using Tornado Arms
  • Fixed bug where the Speedster glow would replicate each time you use Alter Ego
  • Fixed bug where the Speedster glow color did not change when your alter ego has a different trail color
  • Moved DCEU Flash to Crossover Speedsters gamepass & added Aquaflash in Character Pack 2
  • Entering STAR Labs will now teleport you to the elevator instead of the Cortex
  • Fixed bug where running animation would play when seated
  • Added Pollux (Earth 90) in Unlockables section
  • Added Flash (Earth X) in Unlockables section
  • Added Flash (Earth 29) in Unlockables section
  • Added Vampire Flash in Unlockables section
  • Added Boxer Flash in Unlockables section and added his alter ego
  • Added Justice League Elite Flash in Unlockables section
  • Added Reverse Flash (Injustice) in Unlockables section
  • Added Blue Flash in Unlockables section and added his alter ego as Barry Allen S6 with blue lightning
  • Added Flash (Earth 22) in Unlockables section
  • Added Justice Rider Flash in Unlockables section
  • Added new alter ego animation for Speedsters
  • Made the following buildings phaseable: STAR Labs Exterior, Iron Heights Exterior, ARGUS Exterior, STAR Labs Hall, Construction Site, CCPD Exterior
  • Disabled head rotation
  • Updated The Flash S5’s alter ego appearance
  • Updated Zoom and Fake Jay Garrick’s alter ego appearance
  • Added mobile support for The Mist (flight does not work yet)
  • Added mobile support for Girder
  • Added mobile support for Shade
  • Added mobile support for Blackout
  • Added mobile support for Fallout
  • Added mobile support for Firestorm (flight does not work yet)
  • Added mobile support for Killer Frost and Icicle
  • Added mobile support for Dr. Light
  • Added mobile support for Vibe
  • Clicking on any of the paid characters that you do not own the gamepass to will now prompt you to purchase the gamepass
  • Updated alter ego appearance for Godspeed
  • Changed display name for Speedster “Hunter Zolomon” to “Fake Jay Garrick”
  • Added blue trail to Zoom’s alter ego
  • Added running sound to Speedsters
  • If you mute the background music, you no longer have to mute it again after you respawn
  • Updated Jay Garrick’s alter ego appearance
Version 2.2

Release Date: 2020-04-25T04:00:00Z

- Added Mobile Support for Speedsters & Humans
- Faster leveling system!

- Preview a locked character by clicking on it in the character selection
- Previously level-locked characters are now unlocked by default
- Added new level-locked characters section: Unlockables
- Added Store tab to purchase gamepasses

- New Speedster running system; use LShift to toggle speed
- Buffed Speedster running speed
- Increased Tachyon speed from 25 to 100
- Buffed Lightning Throw damage
- Added a glow to Speedsters when running

- Added Barry’s Office inside CCPD
- Added Iron Heights Penitentiary
- Revamped CC Jitters

- Added body particles to Negative XS

- Decreased mission waiting time from 60 seconds to 40 seconds
- No more accidental killing! You can no longer damage players during a mission

- Changed Sprinting for Metahumans & Humans to a toggle
- Added “Hide HUD” toggle to hide the Menu UI and UI above your head
- Added “Low Quality Mode” in Settings tab of Menu to turn shadows on/off
- If you are a Donator & Beta Tester, both tags will appear when you chat
- Your head will match camera rotation

- Fixed Speedster takeoff sounds defaulting to one sound
- Fixed Killer Frost not being able to unfreeze players after they have joined your party
- Fixed spawning in mid-air when joining lobby
- Fixed Level 100 badge not being awarded after leveling up
- Fixed bug where trail would appear if user is not running and switches to their Alter Ego
- Fixed Blackout & Fallout being able to damage party members
- Fixed Zoom getting stuck during mission

Version 2.1

Release Date: 2020-02-23T05:00:00Z

  • Added Dark Flash into Speedsters category
  • Added Negative XS into Speedsters category
  • Buffed Killer Frost’s attacks slightly
  • Added ability to preview characters in Lobby by hovering mouse over a character
  • Revamped Speedster trail
  • Increased maximum level to 100
  • Revamped Message System UI
  • Speed of in-game music increases when a mission starts
  • Balanced Daily EXP reward
  • Bug fixes & improvements for Wall Run
  • Minor bug fixes & UI changes
  • Red skies…could this be a tease?
Version 2.0

Release Date: 2019-12-27T05:00:00Z

  • Applied snow theme to Earth 1 map
  • Bug fixes for Killer Frost & Firestorm
  • Decreased time to accelerate to max speed as a speedster
  • Particles in the lobby are now snowflakes
  • Minor bug fixes & improvements
Version 1.9

Release Date: 2020-12-01T05:00:00Z

- Changed Green Savitar’s trail color to green

- Firestorm Revamp (Make sure to read the new controls)

- Enabled VIP Servers
- Donator chat tag will now display instead of Beta Tester chat tag if Donation pass is purchased
- Updated order of metahuman unlocks in lobby

- Fixed ragdoll death bugs
- Fixed Red Savitar’s alter ego’s head not appearing
- Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.8

Release Date: 2019-11-15T05:00:00Z

- Added new Savitar head
- Added The Flash S6 into Speedsters
- Added Character Pack 4: Blitzkrieg (Earth X), Young Justice Kid Flash, Formula 1 (Earth 34), Young Justice Kid Flash (Polar Stealth), Injustice Flash, Bart Allen (Kid Flash)
- Made The Rival free to use and Godspeed group-only
- Readded Humans category with 12 characters
- Added The Rival (Comics), Avery Ho, and Young Justice Kid Flash (Stealth) for group members
- Added Abstract Racer, Dark Velocity, & Green Savitar for beta testers
- Added Season 6 Killer Frost
- Added Alter Ego for The Flash (Oliver Queen)

- Added Central City Medical Center
- Added Central City Park
- Added Speedforce Bazooka on display in Medbay
- New terrain, road system, bridge w/ ramps, & sewer system
- Revamped CCPD Interior

- Added Speedster takeoff running sounds
- Increased base speed from 110 to 150
- Added Full Body Phasing (Hold F)
- Added more accurate trail for Flash: S4, S5, S6

- Added breaching ability to Vibe
- Revamped Vibe’s vibing ability
- Added Vibe glasses for Vibe
- Increased sprinting speed from 23 to 30
- Revamped Killer Frost powers
- Revamped The Mist’s powers

- Added Hide Tachyon toggle in Settings tab of Menu
- Added Hide Party Alerts toggle in Settings tab of Menu
- Added Hide Mission Alerts toggle in Settings tab of Menu

- Readded Display Boxes in Lobby
- Added Beta Tester chat tag
- Added You Played The Game badge
- Increased Daily XP reward
- Minor bug fixes

Version 1.7

Release Date: 2019-08-02T04:00:00Z

- Added Reverse Flash trap room on Floor 3
- Added S.T.A.R. Labs hall exterior & airfield hangars
- Elevators buttons are now numerical values

- Fixed NPCs breaking mid-battle
- Changed Villain Mission 1 to Kill Flash & CCPD
- Changed Villain Mission 2 to Kill Kid Kid Flash, Vibe, & CCPD
- Changed Villain Mission 3 to Kill Killer Frost, XS, & CCPD
- Added new hero mission: Defeat Reverse Flash, Dark Arrow, & Prometheus
- Added new villian mission: Kill Green Arrow, Flash, & Firestorm
- Difficulty of mission boss is now more balanced
- Players who enter the wrong mission before the barriers spawn in now get teleported out

- NEW Speedster Pack 1 Gamepass: New 52 Flash, Negative Flash, Godspeed (Comics), Professor Zoom, Future Flash, Inertia
- NEW Speedster Pack 2 Gamepass: Wally West Rebirth, Black Racer, Impulse, DCEU Flash, Dark Flash, White Lantern Flash
- NEW Speedster Pack 3 Gamepass: Blue Lantern Flash, Red Death, Fast Track, Wallace West New 52, Johnny Quick, New 52 Reverse Flash
- NEW Crossover Speedster Gamepass: The Flash (Oliver Queen), Reverse Flash (Earth X), The Flash (Earth 90)
- New Flash S5 suit
- New animations for Phase Hand, Speedster Running, and Wall Running
- Increased Phase Hand damage
- Running animation speed increases as you run faster
- Removed sliding while running

- Fixed Blackout & Shade Party Bug

- Switched to ShadowMap Lighting
- Added ragdoll death

- Tons of bug fixes
- Added Donator tag for people who bought the Donation pass

Version 1.6

Release Date: 2019-05-05T04:00:00Z

- Attempted to fix flying bug from NPC Tornado Hands

- Rescripted Alter Ego System
- Added Godspeed w/ Alter Ego
- Added Hair to Jay Garrick
- Added Jay Garrick Alter Ego
- Added Zoom & Fake Jay Alter Ego

- Added Shade in Metahumans
- Added Blackout in Metahumans

- Revamped Central City Bank
- Revamped Character Selection GUI in Lobby
- Increased Maximum Level to 90

- Minor bug fixes

Version 1.5

Release Date: 2019-03-15T04:00:00Z

- Added Lightning Throw and Tornado Hands for Speedster NPCs
- Increased difficulty to defeat Dr. Light, Grodd, and Vibe
- Added close combat for NPC Vibe
- NPCs will return to their origin if traveled past the mission barrier walls
- NPCs will bounce you off if you attempt to stand on their heads

- Added experimental Wall Run (hold space while running towards a building)
- Added Vibrating Hand for Speedsters (Toggle = E)
- Added The Flash S5’s alter ego
- Added XS’s alter ego
- Increased Lightning Throw damage

- Added Killer Frost into Metahumans
- Increased Firestorm’s flight speed
- Slightly increased The Mist’s damage

- Added Stats tab in menu: displays max statistics for current level
- Missions are no longer randomized (will change later once more are added)
- Mission timer is now displayed in minutes and seconds
- Minimap is closed by default

- Replaced snow theme with rain theme in lobby
- Minor bug fixes
- Performance improvements

- Wall Run will not work on non-flat surfaces
- Killer Frost path occasionally fails to be created if the client is laggy or has poor connection

Version 1.4

Release Date: 2018-12-31T05:00:00Z

  • New Neighborhood Houses
  • Updated Flash Suit Display in Cortex [S5 Suit and Cowl]
  • Added The Flash S5
  • Added XS
  • Increased Maximum Level to 85
  • Rebalanced EXP System
  • Added Lounge in STAR Labs
  • Revamped GUIs
  • Increase speed and health by leveling
  • Villains and Heroes now have separate Missions to complete
  • New Illegal Supervillain Badge and Level 20-80 Badges
  • Missions are now randomized
  • Barriers added to prevent mission interference from opposing side
  • New Reverse Flash Suit
  • New Iris West speedster suit
  • New party/group system implemented
    • Markers for group leader and members added
  • Lobby added [Choose character first, then teleport to destination]
    • BONUS: You can hold left click to draw in the lobby and right click to clear it.
  • Daily Rewards Added
  • Lightning/Tornado Spam Fix
  • Exploit & Bug Patches
Version 1.3

Release Date: 2018-10-01T04:00:00Z

  • Group/Party system added [you won’t be able to damage your teammates (helpful in missions)]
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.2

Release Date: 2018-09-23T04:00:00Z

  • Running animation for speedsters is now faster
  • Tachyon appears on your suit again
  • Tachyon has been adjusted to fit Savitar & Red Savitar
  • Tachyon speed is now applied to all alter ego’s (Although, you won’t see the Tachyon)
  • Iris West’s alter ego has a new look
  • Fewer particles are now used for Zoom
  • Minor bug fixes
Version 1.1

Release Date: 2018-09-17T04:00:00Z

  • Added Trajectory’s alter ego
  • Added The Rival’s alter ego
  • Added worshipper mission (placeholder mission)
  • Added speedster running animation
  • Minor bug fixes

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