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About Me

Hi there! My username is FlashFlame_Roblox, but you can call me Flash for short. I am
offering my services as a modeler. I have been on Roblox for 4 years and started development in 2018.


I started modeling since 2019. I specialize in creating asset from low-poly to high-poly. I use a lot of references to make the asset close to real life. I’m hoping to gain more experience as I do commission.

Things I can't make
  • Asset that doesn’t comply with Roblox TOS.
  • Entire maps.


Here are some of my work


UGC creation

More work will be added in the future.


Status: Closed

I am available for 4 to 6 hours of work a day. You can contact me any time.

Terms of Service

Please read carefully before contacting me:

  • I will not take percentages as a payment method.
  • I currently do not take long-term job, only short-term.
  • I have the right to cancel or deny an order with reasons.
  • No refunds after the commission is finished.
  • Upon contacting, please go straight to the point. Clear details of the job would be preferred.
  • Please be patient and don’t rush me.
  • Payment is required before giving the asset.


All prices are negotiable depending on the difficulty of the job starting from 50 robux. I am only accepting Robux payments in the form of gamepass or group funds.


You can contact me here through DM on the Developer Forum or via Discord: flashflame

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to working with all of you.


FlashFlame is an excellent 3D Artist I commissioned him to make a custom character and it was very high quality and he did it in one day and he can make any changes would for sure reccomend!

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Updated with some more assets!

Hi, are you able to make nature assets such as bushes and trees?

I think I can. Let’s talk in DM’s.

Your tag doesn’t work for me, add me YOUNG#0095