Flashing UI on mobile clients


I work with a few collaborators on a game called Jump Rope Simulator. We have noticed that the UI starts intensely flashing out of nowhere after 30 seconds, but only on mobile clients.

Are attached 2 screen recordings of the issue, pay attention to the BillboardsGUIs/SurfaceGUIs across the map aswell:

The phone this is recorded on is an iPhone 14 Pro. Similar artifacts happen on other devices.
The bug can be reproduced by joining the game above and playing for 40 seconds on a mobile device.

Thank you for your consideration,

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Hi, this would be a common issue according to our technical resource here:All About Text - Best Practices, it might because that there are a lot of 3d text objects around or many tweens with textsizes.
You can check the doc to see if suggested ways could apply to your experience, thanks.

Thank you a lot! I was unaware text had these limitations and this guide is very informative.

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