FlashMod - A Free and Easy to use Flashlight Module

Introducing: FlashMod V1.1

One of the easiest to use flashlights in Robloxia!

The Flashlight is easy to setup, fully and easily customizable!

I don’t require any credit, but it is very helpful!

If you have ANY issues, please report them here and they will get fixed in updates!

Download Link: FlashMod V1.1 (FIXED) - Roblox

What’s New?

  • A now secure server-sided module!
  • Gamepad Support (Mobile is coming soon!)
What's Broken?
  • The flashlight may get deleted at some point, I do not have a good idea on why this is happening, shoot a reply if you have any idea.
  • The flashlight is not as responsive and looks as pretty as V1, working on a fix that might not come.

Note: A later update may just be an old client port with server sided checks!

Thank you for stopping by and checking it out!
~ Alice

Expected Updates:

Expected Updates
  • Fixing the small glitch in-game
  • Making the entire module server sided, will cause it to be more confusing and slightly less easy to use.
  • Adding a Paid ONLY flashlight (no default)
  • Custom Keybind?
  • Body Third-Person Support!
  • Mobile and Console Support!
Older Versions

V1: FlashMod V1 - Roblox


what exactly is this module?

-- Create the Light (SpotLight)
	local flashlight = Instance.new("SpotLight")
	if module.PaidFlashlight then
		if MarketService:UserOwnsGamePassAsync(player.UserId, module.GamepassID) then
			print("Player has Gamepass!")
			for i,v in module.Paid do
				flashlight[i] = v
			for i,v in module.Normal do
				flashlight[i] = v
		for i,v in module.Normal do
			flashlight[i] = v

this is not secure, you should do :UserOwnGamepassAsync in the server along with the if checks cause “exploiters” can just set the PaidFlashlight to false


I’m working making the entire module server-sided with some events in to make it server sided, a complete oversight on my part. Will be fixed soon.
Didn’t see it because who is gonna steal a FLASHLIGHT.

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FlashMod V1.1 is now out, the module is now server sided meaning no pesky exploiters can get in.
This does bring a few minor issues listed in the post now, but hopefully it can be fixed soon.

The download link is on the post! Happy Scripting!

Forgot to include the RemoteEvent, its fixed now!