Flee The Facility UI revamp (my first UI)

Name: Revamped Flee The Facility UI
Creator: @THULiCORE
Time taken: 3 hours

Details: My first UI

Original FTF UI

What do you think?

What do you think is better?
  • This revamp
  • Original FTF UI

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I like the revamped UI’s layout more, but the bright red makes it hard to look at. Giving the red text a black outline, or maybe even making it white text, may help with this.


The newer one is just kind of unsettling on my eyes and it hurts them a little. But the font of yours is better. FTF is kind of classic game so it still has that SourceSans but it feels much more comforting on my eyes and less confusing.

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Technically I think it’s better because of the disproportionately large button icons on the original, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement with what you’ve got.

  • Try to keep the text size on the buttons in the sidebar consistent instead of leaving it to automatic scaling.
  • If you’re aiming for a monochrome look, I’d remove the green on the “on” switch to not break the theme.
  • This is more of a personal preference, but I think that the Arial and Source Sans fonts of the original look better than Fredoka One. From what I’ve seen, Fredoka One is commonly paired with a low-poly building style, and because of this I think a font such as Source Sans would better fit with a textured blocky style.
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The revamped UI looks more compatible with the users’ needs, though I would change the colors to the original colors.

Distinctive colors, like red, are for more specific game designs that include a pattern of colors that require characteristic colorings.

However, the design is simple and loveable. Fish approved.

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As a UI designer personally, nice job on the layout, but the contrast of red and black doesn’t go too well. Maybe also use some like icons as well for a more visually aesthetically pleasing look.


Yep, figured that out when I put it in small haha

Probably gonna make the text white

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