Flicker Player Guide

The Host presents a new game show… one where viewers can watch as the fates of many unfold through the lens of numerous cameras.

The players of the game must survive a night full of terror, as a murderer has been released in the arena with them.

There are 5 possible roles that a player can have; a survivor, the detective, the psychic, the medic… or the murderer.

Each night, the medic can protect someone from harm, the psychic can learn the role of any player, and the murderer can pick their next victim.

In the morning, the players must find out what happened the night before, discuss among one another, and accuse someone of the murder. Guess right, and they’re free from The Host and the murderer. Guess wrong, and they must survive the wrath of the maniac murderer all over again…

Player tip: You can PRETEND to be a role in order to influence the group of players! To win, try and convince others in your favor.

  • Survivor: Prevent getting killed, and try and find out who the murderer is. Vote the murderer out, before time runs out!

  • Detective: Interrogate players, conduct an investigation, and accuse someone of being the murderer and save everyone!

  • Psychic: Each night, you can find out the role of anyone of your choice, including the murderer.

  • Medic: Each night, you can choose someone to protect with your medical skills, before the murderer strikes.

  • Murderer: Your goal is to eliminate as many players before you are caught. Try and convince others that you’re not the murderer, and win!


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