Flicker Player Rules

Flicker Player Rules

  1. Petty comments, rudeness, and disrespect towards any player or staff member is NOT tolerated. You must also be appropriate. Watch your language and keep things as PG as possible.
  2. Purposefully glitching or taking advantage of game bugs for an advantage in the game is not tolerated. Report any glitches to a staff member immediately.
  3. You can not Game Throw. Game Throwing is when you go against your in-game role and against your given team (evil/good) in order to help your friend or the opposite team win.
  4. Impersonating any ROBLOX Staff member, celebrity, or JJ Studio Staff Member in order to gain an advantage in the game or for any other reason is not allowed.
  5. Targetting another player or community is not tolerated. Sexism, racism, and homophobia is a sever behavioral rule violation and will prompt harsh consequences.
  6. Exploiting the game so you have an advantage is not allowed.
  7. Severe exploiting that disrupts or enables an entire server will cause you to be instantaneously banned.
  8. Violating any of ROBLOX’s Term of Service Rules will result in the adequate punishment.

Loopholes are not forgiven or ignored.
We hold every right to deny you access to our game if you violate the above rules!

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy Flicker!


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