Flickery lighting with moving objects

In my game I have a flashlight and a dynamic door opening system, however if I have my flashlight on while I open a door, a flickering effect emerges. The flashlight’s spot light remains on, I am sure of this. The same thing happens with non moving light sources as well. I had a friend of mine in game and they walked around in a room with lights on and the lighting on their character flickered as well. This seems like a studio bug but I would like to know how I could fix this… the lighting technology is future and the game is on the highest graphic settings. It is not lag either as my computer is running it at full frames without any issues.

Anyone know why this is happening or how I can fix it?
Thanks in advance!

P.S. The flickering effect is faster and more frequent than the video makes it appear

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it is an issue with roblox’s rendering engine, this would be a bug report, that has happened to me before but it is not enough to be much of an issue. maybe handling the lighting on the server side or the local side might help or mitigate the delay?

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Im not quite sure what you mean by handling the lighting on the server/local side, can you explain?

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Also, sadly I do not qualify to post a bug report on the dev forum, if anyone who reads this can, that would be amazing :heart_hands:

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I think he was asking you to make light from the client side instead of the server side

The flashlight is client sided already.

It does seem like a problem with the rendering, and I have the same problem in my game with future lighting. Whenever a light with shadows on moves, it casts this weird buggy shadow on parts around it. Besides that the game looks dope and I love that door system.

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guess its a problem with the rendering itself. it happens with almost every game I’ve seen which has moving lights.

Ill try and turn off the shadows of the flashlight, see if the fix of the lighting is worth the worse visuals… but we should definately try and get roblox to fix this at some point. Sadly the devforum has not yet deemed me worthy of filing bug reports.