Flightpoint Guidelines

:warning:If you believe a moderator has arbitrarily punished you, please contact me!:warning:

Flightpoint Policies

By playing Flightpoint, you must understand and agree to the content below.

Build: The group of objects on your plot that have been placed down by anybody with access to it.


By playing Flightpoint, you understand that:

  1. You are responsible for what is on your plot. You are the one getting in trouble if anything against the guidelines is found. There are no exceptions.
  2. If you whitelist a player, you are still responsible for what they create on your plot.

You are prohibited from doing the following if you are in a Public Server:

  1. Create a build that intentionally slows down the server, causing problems in gameplay for other players.
    1A) A detailed and legitimate build is not classified under this rule. If a build slows down the server but does not have the intention of doing so, then the plot owner is not subject to punishment.

You are prohibited from doing the following if you are in a Public, Private, or Reserved Server:

  1. Create a build that does not follow every list of guidelines that Roblox provides. (e.g. Terms Of use, terms of service)
  2. Edit your client (exploiting) by means of script executors with the intention of affecting the experience of other players.
    2A) Exploits that are used for small projects like a camera controlled hand will most likely not leave the plot owner subject to punishment.
  3. Downloading a workshop submission and reuploading it as your own.
  4. Attempting to work around upload guidelines for the workshop.
  5. Attempting to create a duplicate of another user’s build without their permission.
  6. Intentionally messing with other users with the use of decals, audios, particles, or other blocks that grant the ability to inhibit the gameplay of others.

Your Data

  1. Your workshop uploads are not anonymous. Your Roblox account is linked to every workshop upload by you.
  2. Your workshop uploads can be taken down without any prior notice or reason.
  3. Flightpoint does not keep the records of workshop uploads in its datastores if deleted. Once a workshop upload is deleted, it is deleted forever.
  4. Your save slots are saved to your roblox account and can be moderated at any time (Whether you are online does not affect this).

Last Updated 9 July 2024