Fling players after combo

So I made a little combat tool that has a 5 punch combo meaning you punch 5 times it has a cooldown and you can punch 5 times again and so on. I want the target of the punches to get flung away at the last punch but have had no luck in the last 20 minutes to get it working on rigs or players. I just wanna know a way I can fling the people I punch away at the end of my combo.

Just add a body force to the affected player and make them platformstand for some time.

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can you give me an example please

First 4 punches are normal and on the final punch, the player gets platformstanded and they also get a bodyforce, which flings them away from the direction the punches came from.

You could use BodyVelocity and have velocity be the players lookVector

take apart the windforce sword and see for yourself how to make a fling thing