Flipbook Problem

Hello everyone, I don’t know where to post this kind of topic but I’ve tried to learn how to use flipbook in ParticleEmitter properties and I’ve made some flipbook too in After Effect and it works perfectly but when I opened the game project again today, I run into a problem, the flipbook won’t work, It’s just keep saying FlipbookInCompatible but it was working yesterday

Some stuff that I’ve tried to fix it is:
-Creating another texture which is 4 x 4 with 256 H x 256 W and set it to 16 frames
-Closed my roblox studio and opened it again
-Turned off my beta features (Last time it works but now it won’t work)

If anyone could help me, I would really appreciate it because I’m still beginner to use FlipBook.


bump. experiencing the exact same problem with no solutions


bump again, im had this same problem for a while now

you can set the particle emitter with scripts to what you want, then copy the particle emitter and paste it back into studio. That seemed to work for me

script.Parent.FlipbookMode = Enum.ParticleFlipbookMode.Loop

script.Parent.FlipbookLayout = Enum.ParticleFlipbookLayout.EightByEight

script.Parent.FlipbookFramerate = NumberRange.new(100,100)

(put a script in the ParticleEmitter then run this)


bump one more time, i dont know whats going on im using a 1024 x 1024 png :sob:

There’s an issue with this feature that it does not apply the changes for that particleemitter, which is something that easily could be fixed as much as I can guess.
As Fog0q mentioned, there really isn’t a method to fix this problem right now, but applying it with a script can work just in case it bugs again.

This problem usually is caused by Collaborate.

having same issue, any solutions?