Floating accessories

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I did some digging and found this. Give it a try:

Make sure everything is unanchored with exception of the HumanoidRootPart


Looking at it now. Seems like their NPCs are already dressed and given items, while mine are based on users friends, but I’ll see if unachoring their heads work.

Nope that doesn’t work
As seen in the image attached,
Only these two are anchored and accessories still float.

Is there more to the script? Like teleporting them and making them sit?

Nope. Each rig is already placed and and moved to sit as a model. The script just works with a button to make it visible.

Ok, would you mind sending one of the NPC rigs so I could inspect it?

Your rig has no default attachments
Roblox uses these attachments to apply accessories.

Do they need attachments? Again, I have no idea what each user is going to wearing. The dummies are completely blank and just clone user descriptions.

Yes the attachments are basically reference points to where the accessories will be placed. Hold up, im writing a code to add the missing attachments

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Alright thank you very much for all the assistance.

mb my PC crashed but insert this file inside Lighting
NPCfix.rbxm (7.4 KB)

Run the code through Command Bar


(bottom of studio)

Delete the inserted files
They aren’t needed anymore

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Oh my lord, you’re a savior. Thank you very much.

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