Floating Decal Part That Cannot Be Deleted

Hello fellow developers, In my game there is this floating (decal?) part that I can’t select. I’ve tried to find it in my workspace but to no avail.

I want to delete it as it’s causing players to become confused and it looks out of place. I’m not sure how it got in but I want to remove it ASAP.

Please help me!


Search for “Decal” at explorer search bar

There are over 500 decals in my game, I wouldn’t be able to locate this exact one…

You should renamed all things while doing the game, so it would be easy to localizate things…

Sadly, I don’t know a way to help you with that’s the case… (or just try to revert the game version to when the decal wasn’t there)

The part is most likely locked. Try using the lock tool to unlock it.

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You have to be a bit more clear. You know which decal you mean in the picture, but we can’t tell which one.

Do you mean the green ‘grassy’ area on the side of the sphere? How many decals are on the sphere?
Where is the sphere, check the decals on it quickly by deleting each one, and if it’s the wrong one you can just undo it and try another.
If the sphere is not supposed to be there and you didn’t add it it might be added by a free model script, or a plugin that’s been compromised.

Thanks, I used the following script and found all locked objects. Turns out this was the correct solution! Thanks!

function checkDescendants(object)
    for _, descendant in pairs(object:GetDescendants()) do
        if descendant:IsA("BasePart") then
            if descendant.Locked then
                print(descendant.Name .. " is locked.")


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