Floating Obby Game FeedBack

I recently made a new obby with my team. Please give me some feedback.

Photo -

The idea is a obby floating on Water.

Here is the Game Link : Floating Obby! - Roblox

Thank You :slight_smile:


Hello everyone!

So I think the idea with the water under the parcour is good, but I’m not quite satisfied with the implementation yet.

Here are some points that would improve the game experience significantly:

  • Set the total obby 5 studs higher so you don’t die when you don’t even touch the water.
  • Use UI to
    • Sell gamepasses in game
    • Show which stage you are at
    • Maybe to sell skip stages.
  • Instant respawn
  • Moving platforms do not carry you along
  • Don’t use characters to display text. Use BillboardGUI over a part
  • Saving progress. Use DataStore
  • Do KillBricks either always Neon or never. Because sometimes KillBricks are Neon, sometimes they are not.
  • Maybe delete the image in the checkpoints.
  • Make CanCollide = false in the checkpoints

  • Obby theme is weird. Sometimes it’s beach, but then there are objects there, like banknotes.

All in all I think you can do better and don’t need the Roblox standard obby game scripts because they don’t save the progress for example.
I hope you can improve the things mentioned.


Thank you for your FeedBack me and my team will look at this and try our best to improve.
Have A Splendid day.

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