Floating Obby Revamp!

Hey Everyone! I have been revamping one of my games Calling Floating Obby and it is almost done!

It looks like this for now. I would like some Ideas on what to add to fill up the spaces! I am gonna add more stages but this is just the first area the next area is a lava area and it will go on! so What should I add for decor.

Also the theme is an obby floating on water!


Maybe you could have floaties or islands, some sort of fun party water thing? This reminds me of a TV show


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Yea this game has elements of wipeout and lots of people said it looks like wipe out too!

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I am gonna add some floaties around the map!
Thx But also need some more solutions!

Ha yes the game is themed off wipeout. Originally the game was a sky obby on water and then I helped @Dev_ZG rebuild it to a wipoeout theemed obby. It is planned to release some time this weekend. :smiley:


You could try making some little islands around the middle of the map [if it’s empty] and some rocks as well, you could also place them on the sides of the map.

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We added that and now the game is published

Cool! What’s the name of the game?

Floating Obby! - Roblox?