Floating up and down slowly script

Hello, I’m making a sign for my obby and I have balloons attached. I want the sign to go up and down slowly as if the balloons are giving the effect that the sign is floating and kinda bouncing up and down on loop. I couldn’t find anything related to this, and when I found a script close to it, it would be too fast or it went too far up. The video below provides an example of how I want the sign to be moving. Any and all help is appreciated.

I’d recommend using TweenService and using appropriate EasingStyle and set reverses to true and repeatCount to -1 in TweenInfo.

Options! Wow!

Turn this thing into a whole assembly with one root part anchored and the rest welded onto the anchored part, then only tween that part.

Long approach of using an orphan CFrameValue(and hooking to its Changed event to SetPrimaryPartCFrame).


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