Floating Village [WIP]

Hello! Im currently working in a “Floating village” My idea is to make up to 6 or 7 more islands, I want to hear some opinions and maybe Ideas for keep working on it!

The place is here: Floating Village [WIP] - Roblox

PART 2: Floating Village [WIP] Part 2



Holey moley, that is some amazing stuff, dude. Keep up the work.

I love the sci-fi mixed with fantasy vibe this build gives off. The bridges with it’s tapering edges, colorful, curvy houses, random floating rocks, the whole thing is awesome.

I especially love the house’s non-conformist shapes, and rickety architecture.

Can’t wait to see what you make next.


Looks awesome! Do you plan on adding scripting to the game? It looks like a game I would play! If you added gameplay, it might be a really unique game!!

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Those builds for and of the islands are amazing, but I would like to see some nature or something to cover that emptiness on islands 2 to 5. Continue on with building, your really good at it :DD

Very cool concept, keep up the good work. Don’t forget to add some scenery such as bushes, trees and those other stuff!

I recommend turning it into an RPG game! Or maybe an adventure game. It looks really good!

Nice use of vibrant colors and the lighting source implemented to the scene.

In my opinion the different islands you got here looks decent If the bottom layers or buildings do you plan on placing rocks - stone on the side of the island in the dirt area or grass piece since mostly floating islands have big atone objects underneath the island. Will there be more props in the different villages normally by the houses or buildings since it’s still a work in progress but it won’t hurt to add more different items on the island itself.

Exterior props and others you got in mind or already planned out. Not bad, I’d be interested to see the final product.

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That’s pretty good! I would add some more detail along the surface edges.

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damn that looks really cool, nice

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Nice, I like the effect under the main island

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Wow this is amazing! I love the sci-fi fantasy feel!

I know this is a showcase, but it would make an incredible setting for a game!
Please keep us posted on your progress! This is so unique and very creative!

Great job!

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I will keep an eye out for your updates!

Personally, I think this would make for a really nice roleplay/adventure game.
You have created an incredible and unique world this has a lot of potential.

Keep working on this project, consider imagining the type of people that would live in this world.

Some thought provoking questions to ask yourself:

How did they get here? What do they do here? Do they have any friends/allies? how about enemies? Are there more of these floating island worlds? What is the setting of this world? Somewhere in space? Is this happening now (current times?), the past, or way into the future? Is this a happy peaceful place? Or have they come here to escape something, in search of refuge?

You clearly have an incredible imagination, use that same imagination to create an origin story for this world, give it a name, give it a purpose. Most importantly don’t rush or force it. Place the same effort and meticulous detail into the story of your world as you did in creating it :slight_smile:
I hope this helps you and inspires you. Keep up the incredible work :slight_smile:


Like, another layer along the edges, perhaps a darker color of the first surface.

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great build keep it up, one thing i would advise is to be aware of how strangely transparencies behave when layered ontop of each other and so to be very careful when using them for big objects.


No Bridge

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this looks fantastic! i could never make something like this.

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This look very cool. For sure you should team up with a scripter and create something amazing!

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Part 2 is up guys: