Flood Escape 2 Patch Notes: V56

All: Added Permanent Map: Decaying Silo [Crazy] By maxiskips, Mar_R10Z, eliteLAQ

All: Fixed Badge Data Loading Issues
All: Fixed Summoner’s Venom & Summoner’s Pact Tank Attachments

All: Added 7 Badges: Visitor, Rebirth x2, (Daily Login 2, 7, 14, 21, 31)
All: New Spectate UI (Friends, Profiles, Grid Layout)
All: Spectate Switches To Another Player On Death
All: Automatically Load Seasons On Server Start-Up (Halloween, Winter), More To Come
All: Low Detail Setting Simplifies UI For Quicker Rendering
All: Added 22 New Tanks By DurstAuric
All: Added 9 New Emotes By Boonmoon
FE2CM: Added 2 Badges: Visitor, Tinkerer
FE2CM: Added Lib.Script.MovePart(Instance: BasePart or Model, Movement: Vector3, Duration: Number, MoveRelativeToPart: Bool, EasingStyle: String, EasingDirection: String)
FE2CM: Maps Now Support All 'PostEffect’s & Atmosphere In: Map → Settings → Lighting → Effects
FE2CM: Added Support For ‘Notes’ StringValue In Map Settings
FE2CM: Disabled Anti-Exploit & Anti-Glitch Measures
FE2CM: Quick-Launch Vastly Improved By Using Main Place As Solo Server
FE2CM: Multiplayer Servers Now Use Reserved Servers And ID System
FE2CM: Integrated Map Whitelisting To FE2CM Hub
FE2CM: Added ‘/givehost’ Command For Transferring Server Host To Another Player
FE2CM: Map Loader Now Reports Errors In Output If Unable To Load Map
FE2CM: Added Server Reset Setting (For If A FE2CM Server Becomes Unstable/Broken)
FE2CM: Added ‘Server Lock’ Setting, Stops Players From Joining A Multiplayer Server
FE2CM: Added ‘Host Transfer’ Setting, Prevents Automatic Host Transfer When Disconnecting
FE2CM: Added ‘Collaborator’ NumberValue To Add Friend’s User ID’s Within ‘Creator’ StringValue
FE2CM: Added ‘/devtools’ Command, Gives Infinite Jump And Teleport Tools

All: Weekend XP Boost Increased From x1.5 to x2
All: Auto-Slide Now Automatically Cancels When It No Longer Detects A Slide Beam
All: Removed ‘/sword’ Command Due To Collision Optimization
Chill: Lava Drain Rate Reduced To -75/s
Chill/FE2CM: Intensity System Disabled, Now Cycles Up 1 Difficulty Every Round
FE2CM: Map Loader No Longer Updates Loaded Maps When Processing Models With Multiple Maps
FE2CM: Lib.Script.moveWater Now Internally Uses Lib.Script.MovePart
FE2CM: Lib.Script.moveWater Is Now Deprecated, Please Use Lib.Script.MovePart
FE2CM: Quick-Launch Loading Has Been Drastically Reduced
FE2CM: Increased Max Players To 70
FE2CM: Improved Output: Now Logs Every Script Within A Map
FE2CM: Lobby Theme Updated
FE2CM: ‘Load All Scripts’ Setting Is Now Toggleable

All: FE2 Uses The Latest ControlScripts
All: Air-Dive/Sliding Is Disabled When Facing A Wall In Mid-Air
FE2CM: Maps That Use EventString No Longer Breaks The Game