Flood Escape 2 Patch Notes

This thread contains information regarding the latest update.
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09/12/2021 FE2 V48.03 WINTER UPDATE


  • New Winter Lobby

  • Maps:
    Refreshed Construction Thrill
    Northern Workshop [Normal] Returns [+Rescue & Page]
    Added Polar Industry [Easy] by HawxyBird [+Rescue & Page]
    Added Poisonous Forest [Hard] by HawxyBird [+Rescue & Page]

  • Community-Made Winter Seasonal Items:
    Tank: 5 Gift Boxes
    Tank: Northern Pole
    Tank: Candy Heart
    Tank: Festive Tree
    Tank: Wreath
    Tank: Snow Globe
    Tank: Red Bulb
    Tank: Green Bulb
    Tank: Snow Launcher
    Aura: Gingerbread & Cookies
    Aura: Candy Canes

  • Community-Made Item:
    Tank: Frozen Crazy

  • New Gamepass (Expression Item Pack):
    Aura: Glitter
    Aura: Reactive Bolts
    Aura: Cube Craze
    Emote: Vibing
    Buddy: FE2 Logo


  • Normal & Pro Servers: ‘All Group Buttons’ Event no longer triggers on Crazy difficulty


  • Winter Seasonal Items are on sale until the end of the event (End Date TBA)
  • Winter Seasonal Items are marked in the shop with a ‘’ snowflake
  • Massive thank you to the community members who have contributed to FE2 with their items and maps for this update