Flooded Area Update Log

(Day, month year, not month, day year)

(20/12/2022 Something update 4.0V)
  • NEW MAP: Pyramid! Escape a pyramid as it fills with lava!
  • You will now ragdoll when you die.
  • Improved part physics (you should be more stable on boats and get flung SLIGHTLY less)
  • Added a bunch of new stuff to the news boards.
  • Fixed a weird anticheat teleportation glitch in the part playground.
  • Changed the name for “Lazer” to “Laser”.
  • Lasers now emit red light where they hit something.
  • Changed the part description for lasers so it doesn’t give you a TextScraper Error LOL
  • New backend modcall features to help mods get to your server faster. Remember to only report exploiters.
  • Backend changes to mod commands.
  • New logic for the command that shuts down servers.
  • New command system for developers to make it easier to find the root of bugs.
(20/12/2022 No more lag V3.9)
  • We have gone and done it, no more lag (400% performance increase)
(17/12/2022 The Swordfighting Update V3.8)
  • :crossed_swords: New swordfighting arena on top of the lobby!

  • :world_map: NEW MAP: Candyland!

  • :world_map: NEW MAP: Airport!

  • :repeat: Part rotation is now much more consistent and just better overall.

  • :skull_and_crossbones: The Part Destroyer now kills you if you jump in it.

  • :fire: The Part Destroyer also now makes a small explosion when a part is incinerated or a player steps in it.

  • :rocket: Renamed Thruster and Big Thruster to “Rocket” and “Big Rocket” because Thruster gets tagged in chat.
    :low_brightness: Lowered the brightness of the lobby a bit.

  • :bulb: Switched from ShadowMap to Voxel lighting for improved performance.

  • :brick: Added some secret parts for admins/mods…

  • :1234: The version of Flooded Area that your server is running is now displayed under “Other Settings”

  • Bug Fixes:

    • :prayer_beads: Fixed a glitch where people could fling entire buildings/boats with rope.
    • :bug: Fixed a sign being broken in Isolated Arquipelago
    • :bug: Fixed an error in console regarding the changelog.
    • :gear: Mod command bar no longer opens or closes if you’re typing something in any other text box.
(30/11/2022 HOLIDAY UPDATE update V3.7)
    • If it breaks again, I probably won’t bother fixing it tbh

  • NEW MAP: The North Pole! This map gives you a bunch of free coins, and has a 1% chance of showing up in map voting! :money_mouth_face:

  • NEW MAP: Mountain Cliffside :mountain:

  • Presents now fall from the sky instead of meteors! (Each give 100 coins!) :gift:

  • Lobby is decorated for the holidays! :christmas_tree::snowflake:

  • Music in the lobby is now festive! :musical_note:

  • Peppermints replace the jumps in the obby! :lollipop:

  • You can now press “Y” or “N” to vote on votekicks!

  • There is now a cat in the lobby! :smiley: :scream_cat:

  • New chat tags for notable people!

  • You now get the “You met the owner(s)” badge if you meet Arlo!

  • BRAND NEW MAP KIT! :world_map:
    Check it out here: Flooded Area Map Kit 2.0 - Roblox
    Completely rewritten instructions, much easier to understand, also includes more detail!
    Re-arranged all the parts
    Now includes spawns for four team deathmatch maps
    Updated seat design
    Fixed motor being weird
    Parts now available to make maps with:
    Locked Seat
    Big Thruster
    Big Light
    Big Motor
    Whoopee Cushion
    Fart Bomb
    Controller Seat

Bug fixes:

  • Modcalls work again.
  • Fixed controller seats not working if it was in a part pack/part of a map
  • Fixed locked seats not actually locking the player
  • Fixed mobile not gluing parts properly (or at all)
  • Fixed mobile not being able to let go of parts)
  • Fixed mobile players not being teleported properly into the tutorial
    |* Fixed part museum text appearing weirdly in the lobby.
(09/11/2022 Random Stuff Update V3.6)
  • Added an animation when you eat food
  • New perk: Bouncy (Increases jump height but decreases health + air)
  • You can now spawn a fart bomb for 25 robux
  • You can now spawn a GIANT meteor on a random player for 5001 coins
  • Enabled seats in part playground
  • Added changelog sign in lobby
  • Fart bomb now does SLIGHTLY less damage
  • Fart bomb recipe now needs 3 beans instead of 2
  • Fixed bug where seat rotation would break
  • Fixed some bugs and shortened rounds in the Wild West map
  • Some grammar/spelling fixes
  • Fixed some bugs that allowed you to glitch out of the lobby
  • Disabled balloon from spawning in part playground
(17/09/2022 Another random update V3.5)
  • New stuff:

    • Brand new crafting list with images and a search feature! (press v)
    • NEW BLOCK: Detacher (Unglues and destroys itself when activated)
    • Voice chat is now supported!
    • Rotation works slightly differently now so it feels more intuitive.
    • Votekick gui now closes when a votekick ends.
    • Added a notification gui when a votekick ends.
    • Clarification for what’s considered a false mod-call.
  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed controller seats not working in the lobby.
    • Fixed food eating being weird when it was welded to something.
    • Fixed some more issues with the Wild West map
    • Made it so the developer/tester statues in the lobby cannot be hurt.
(09/11/2022 Random Stuff Update V3.4)
  • Added an animation when you eat food
  • New perk: Bouncy (Increases jump height but decreases health + air)
  • You can now spawn a fart bomb for 25 robux
  • You can now spawn a GIANT meteor on a random player for 5001 coins
  • Enabled seats in part playground
  • Added changelog sign in lobby
  • Fart bomb now does SLIGHTLY less damage
  • Fart bomb recipe now needs 3 beans instead of 2
  • Fixed bug where seat rotation would break
  • Fixed some bugs and shortened rounds in the Wild West map
  • Some grammar/spelling fixes
  • Fixed some bugs that allowed you to glitch out of the lobby
  • Disabled balloon from spawning in part playground
(31/10/2022 Another map update V3.3)
  • New map: Wild West
  • Fixed a bunch of spelling mistakes
  • Added new parts to Endless
(23/10/2022 Big and stinky update+ V3.2)
  • Fixed bug with network ownership that make parts have weird physics at the start of rounds
  • Parts are no longer transparent when you hold them
  • Increased meteor rate slightly
(22/10/2022 Big and stinky update V3.1)
  • New Fixes

    • Fixed bug which make parts disappear if they went deep into the water part of the part playground
    • Fixed random bug in endless which made making boats unstable and hard to make sometimes
    • Fixed bug that caused you stop being able to pick up blocks until you pressed c
  • Arlo’s Fixes (not from this update but I should put them somewhere)

    • Fixed the water area in the new part playground having weird collison.
    • Fixed oil being super heavy in Crafting Kit, Oil part pack, and Abandoned Space Facility map.
    • Fixed your jump breaking if you win a round while in a locked seat.
    • Crafting table badge is actually attainable again.
    • Moved Mod Call button to settings under the “other” tab.
  • Alright, the new blocks are for this update:

    • Big Thruster, made with two thrusters and oil
    • Big Motor, made with two motors and rope bundle
    • Big Light, made with four lights
    • and finally, Fart Bomb (the reason this is called the stinky update), made with one stone and two beans. Creates an atmosphere of stink that kills you.
(08/10/2022 Normal Update+ V3.0)
  • Fixed junction blocks being completely broken (that’s what I get for making the entire update in 4 hours)
  • Fixed the part description in the lobby of junction blocks
  • Made wire to wire signals like 50% less laggy
  • slightly buffed difficulty again
  • Big balloons can now be unactivated and reactivated
  • Changed balloon’s description to mention that they can be unactivated and reactivated
  • Changed how the game’s map sinking works. I can’t really go into any details because it won’t make sense to any normal person, but basically, using some welds and stuff, I managed to decrease data costs (the amount of data being sent to your computer) by around 80% in some maps (like upsidedown and Luxury retreat), which decreases client lag as well as making loading faster and (with the consequence of the flood refresh rate setting being being deleted, so now everyone defaults to a refresh rate of 60)
  • Doubled the rate the flood gets from water to lava in the boat gamemode so it doesn’t last as unbearably long
  • Doubled the amount of coins you get from the boat gamemode
  • Ported all the new blocks (cake, whoopee cushion and junction) to endless
(07/10/2022 Normal Update V2.9)

*Increased the max amount of parts that can spawn in the part playground + the spawn rate (This was in the previous update but I forgot to mention it)

  • Buffed difficulty (basically made it so 0.8=1 difficulty so you all stop looking like noobs)

  • Made it so controller seats now set networkownership (basically means they have less ping for * whoever is in the controller seat + less laggy usually if you have a smallish boat)

  • Balloon’s air now scales with the balloon’s health (this means the health of the balloon goes down with the air)

  • You can now unactivate balloons and then reactivate them (no more noobs randomly activating your balloons when you aren’t ready)

  • General buff to balloons as they last 30% longer

  • Thrusters’ weight have been decreased by 35%

  • Fixed Held parts clipping into each other sometimes

  • Also, for the tutorial:

  • You get instantly sent to the tutorial if you are new, no questions asked, you just get teleported

  • The game only registers if you have completed the tutorial when you press the button at the end of it (if you just rejoin it will just reteleport you)

  • To press the button at the end of the tutorial, you have to actually go through it (if you just skip to the end the game stops you)

  • New Junction Block, kinda acts like a switch, there’s two inputs and two outputs. It works by changing what direction a signal goes based on the “flipper” input.

(24/09/2022 Even More Maps+ V2.8)
  • Rope no longer gets heavier when turned into wires

  • Tutorial has been updated with explanations on alignment + effects

  • Explosives now chain easier

  • Fixed rope being weird with network ownership + all network ownership type hacks probably

  • Boat Warfare now has a barrier around all modifiers (with the exception of a new “No Barrier” modifier) so that people cannot run away on their boats

  • Made gluing stuff less exploitable because it was bad (like gluing could instantly fling every part in the game bad)

  • Fixed downtown california only having the lazer madness modifier

  • Fixed Pirate ships’ music players not playing anything

  • Increased the max amount of parts that can spawn in the part playground + the spawn rate

  • New block cause game’s 3rd anniversary so, cake, spawns randomly and gives you 25 max hp, 50 hp and 100 coins when you eat it, spawns pretty rarely

  • New map, Desert Canyon, 2 modifiers, survival

  • New map, Roblox HQ, 1 modifier ,FFA (Very laggy)

  • New modifier to Downtown California, Roped City

(19/09/2022 New Maps+ V2.7)
  • Fixed the perk shop having weird overlapping text
  • Nerfed that one building in shroomy land
  • Made rotation feel better for smaller parts (sorta)
  • Added new News/Facts/Hints to the new board thingy
  • Changed global polls (the ones created by me randomly when I’m bored) needing a / before the number for them to count (you can now just say “1” instead of “/1”, “/1” still work however)
  • Added stars to night time
  • Added Smog to “Downtown California”
  • Made loading slightly faster
  • Two new modifiers for “Downtown California”, (sidenote, “Lazer Madness” is the most chaotic modifier in the most chaotic map, beating even the modifier that just spawns like 100 explosives, so, get your popcorn if it picks that modifier)
  • Fixed a really minor bug with lazers
(18/09/2022 NEW MAPS V2.6)
  • New map: SHROOMY LAND - 3 modifiers, survival
  • New map: PIRATE SHIPS - 2 modifiers, two-team Deathmatch
  • New map: The unforgettable, DOWNTOWN CALIFORNIA - 1 modifier, four-team deathmatch
(17/09/2022 Made Alignment Better (18/09/2022 had to fix alignment again) V2.5)
  • Made Part Alignment less laggy + glitchy + less likely to crash your game

  • New “Rules” board (if you can call it that) in part playground

  • Gave the admins global announcement and stuff, so you’ll know why the game updates now


  • Previous update actually completely broke alignment, so I fixed that

  • Fixed Gather having 75 max health instead of 50 max health

(13/09/2022 More Performance and stuff (Bug Fixes 15/09/2022) V2.4)
  • Did a a lot of fancy parallel scripting and stuff and now game is like 35% faster (maybe more, sometimes, up to maybe 60% faster, it good)
  • Fixed bug where structures that spawned in map spawn and boats with rope were kinda likely to fling randomly (network ownership is an annoyance)
  • Made gluing parts a lot better, no more weird snap back effects
  • Red_Light, Green_Light, Blue_Light, Yellow_Light, Cyan_Light and Pink_Light are now all spawnable in endless
  • Fixed thrusters in endless + Fixed Lazers
  • Lowered Glue/Unglue cooldown

Bug Fixes (15/09/2022)

  • Fixed parts not getting damaged at all (like, all the rounds were won easily lol, that’s what I get for not play testing my updates)
  • No more weird networkship problems v2
  • Fixed gluing let you fling strutures
(02/09/2022 Endless update + Less exploiters + Stuff (+ Some Fixes 08/09/2022) V2.3)
  • Swords are gone now again
  • Fixed Gather tier 3 now has 50 max hp like it’s meant to, instead of 150hp
  • Readded silent hotel after accidently deleting it off the game, it’s back now
  • RIP DONUT VALLEY (it will not be missed)
  • No more player collision (no more fling exploiters and stuff) (also rip stacking)
  • Account age limit of 2 weeks added (less exploiters v2)
  • New Effect, Cheese Speed, 50% more speed for 10 seconds after eating cheese
  • Fixed Cheese being really thick for no reason

Endless is this btw Endless Gamemode (Update stuff) - Roblox

  • Updated endless with all the new parts, alignments and such
  • Also rounds last 50 minutes instead of 20

Creative mode (sorta, it’s more bootleg creative mode)

  • In endless private servers, you now get admin commands if you are the owner of that private server.
  • There’s like no limits to what half the admin commands do so you can just completely break the server pretty easily if you want
  • Cycle speed = how many seconds for the maps to submerge and come back, set to high value to pause
  • Meteor rate is meteor rate, lower number = more meteors
  • Difficulty just effects difficulty stuff
  • Supply drop rates changes how long it takes for a supply drop to spawn on average, lower number = more supply drops
  • Spawn block spawns a block, the size thing is optional. If you do “Wood” followed by “7,2,1” , it creates a wood block with those dimensions
  • The block names are the same as in the map kit
  • The size thing in block creation doesn’t work when a block isn’t made up of just one part, so the game might break if you try to create large thrusters/farming plots
  • Go make your giant battle ships I guess

Also new game with flooded area’s part physics in the works (but that’s not gonna be done for a long while)

Bug Fixes (08/09/2022)

  • Fixed the big balloon crafting recipe being broken
  • Readded player collision
  • Fixed water physics being really weird after roblox updated them (I had nothing to do with that)
  • changed the american flag recipe for a fourth time, this recipe is strange but it will make you hungry
  • All this stuff changed in endless as well
(30/08/2022 Swords lol V2.2)
  • Everyone has swords again in all gamemodes now, including survival and escape.
  • Griefing now not bannable, but at the same time, you can now stab griefers with your bare hands
  • Votekick Requirement has been increased a bit
  • Nothing else has changed
  • Try not to be killed
(27/08/2022 Small Changes V2.1)
  • New map, Bank, which replaces 100 free money maps
  • Fixed tutorial not having an explosive recipe
  • Increased performance for the “Map is completely underwater, at least I got a boat” to “omg I’m about to die to lava” phases of the game (As in almost doubling performance depending on how many player there are)
  • Made crafting a little less bad (Now it only counts parts on top of the crafting, instead of also counting some blocks that were close to the crafting table)
  • You Can now press Q and E to move from spectating players
    Increased water damage increase in the boat maps so they end faster but you get 30% more coins from boat maps
  • Gave the mods who needed it (after like 3 months) votekick protection
  • Second hint for the american flag crafting recipe, it requires 5 blocks, is crafted with 3 different types of blocks, and think of the colors

Plus bonus post update fix

  • Fixed alignment duping parts
(22/08/2022 Banned Phone People V2.0)
  • Fixed bug that made the server break in loading sometimes (it was cause a modifier in donut valley had broken spawns)
  • Fixed alignment having some weird teleporting action with the server, now alignment is more stable and you can go make your mega ships or whatever
  • I forgot to mention this last update but escape and boat gameodes are a bit harder/faster
  • Literally just banned all phone players (Not tablet users, just phone people), you may call this 1984, but I call it peace of mind, if you’re someone who can actually play the game well on a phone then I’m sorry but the needs of the many (the people who don’t want to be griefed every round by people on their parents phone) outweigh the needs of the few (just play on computer or even just on tablet, your phone probably cannot handle this game anyways)
  • Doubled the amount of parts in jungle getaway to try to balance it
  • Gave the admins some stuff more commands (they might be broken)
(21/08/2022 Survival Revamp + Controller Seats V1.9)
  • Slightly optimized stuff
  • Meteor spawn rates have been tripled in all round types
  • Made the random parts in ship wrecked slightly closer together
  • New Controler Seat, two seats + button. No, this isn’t some stupid gyro stabiliser seat, go back to build a boat if you want some boring mechanics for noobs. The seat acts like a normal seat, however, there is 4 outputs on the seat, one on the front,back,left and right side of seat. whenever you press W,A,S or D, it will activate the output of that button (If you press w, you will activated any wire/block attached to the front of the seat). You can use this to control ships by wiring up the connections to say thrusters, this is pc only for now, will be changed in a different update
  • Wire speed has now been doubled
  • American flag recipe changed again (Hint, think of colours + it requires 5 blocks)
  • farming plots now require 60 seconds to grow food instead of 40
  • Water damage system remake, Parts are now damaged by how far they are into water, if a part’s 50% into the water, it gets 50% damage (I thought the game already worked like that, but it turns out that was broken for like a year and I didn’t notice). This should make boats break down more organically
  • Make night a lot brigher, you can actually see and lights are kinda optional now
  • You now require a reason for a votekick, it straight up won’t let you votekick unless you give a reason
  • In the beginings of survival matches, the flood is paused for 200 seconds before it starts to rise, this means you are now able to build more and actual use stuff like gaming computers and motors that other just never could use because the flood came up to quickly
  • Increased water damage by 20% To balance out the above mentioned pause system
  • Extended one of the vines in jungle getaway so that you wouldn’t get stuck if you fell down during the paused period (also the no vines modifier also has one single vine for the same reason)
    *Wiring kit now has a controler seat in its tier 3.
  • Added some new new board things
  • Fixed the air,health or rope of spectated players being outside their boxes
  • Oil pumps are now 30% slower
  • All mighty welololol has made stone spawn 50% more in part playground
(18/08/2022 Quality of life Changes V1.8)
  • Fixed spelling mistake where slient hotel was called silent hotel (doruk you’re fired)
  • Fixed the 75% sword damage debuff with tank not working
  • Fixed all gaming computers, big gaming computers and oil pumps that spawned in when a map was loaded, not working (This includes the DIY computer part pack being broken)
  • All teams in 4 isle battle will now spawn with at least 1 crafting table
  • All modifiers in 4 isle battle now start with normal water instead of acid/water
  • Fixed raft vs raft not being able to spawn in map voting cause I put in the wrong folder
  • New modifier for 2 isle battle and 4 isle battle, Acid start
  • Added a load more randomized parts to all boat maps so it isn’t as boring (you can craft some motors and do some spicy spinny action)
  • Farming plots now only need 40 seconds to grow food instead of 60
  • Farming plots now can grow any food in the game, 10% for beans, 2% chance for cheese, 1% chance for a cookie and everything else is bread
  • Balloons now last %50 as long but are twice as strong
  • Balloons ships now don’t get instantly deleted at some height (500 studs it was (bug made it so balloons got stronger as they got closer to 500 studs, so when they got past 500 studs they would get infinite speed and instantly fling into the void, like fling into the void in one frame so it looked like you disappeared))
  • Balloons now get weaker as they approach 250 studs in the air (All the balloon changes in this update don’t apply to the big balloon)
  • Nerfed donut valley by exploding the factory thing and making the water slightly more damaging
(16/08/2022 Fixed Votekick + New Map (Also post update fixes 17/08/2022) V1.7 )
  • New Badge, “Human, Xtra krispy”, get a kill with a lazer
  • Fixed the mobile tutorial having a server size of 50, opps, I surprised people didn’t report this earlier, this bug was a thing for around 5 days and only one guy reported it lol
  • Changed the recipe of the american flag (figure it out)
  • New setting, Mute music players, it just mutes them (This does not apply to the american flag)
  • Nerfed large stomach, making it so you cannot get health from beans and cookies and making bread buff only last one second
  • New map, Donut Valley, 5 modifier
  • You can now put in a reason for votekicks (/votekick [username] [reason])
  • You only get server banned by being votekicked for 3 hours , no more permanent bans
  • You now need 4 or more people in a sever to start up Two Team Deathmatch
  • You now need 8 or more people in a sever to start up Four Team Deathmatch
  • Made the Intermission/Round Text thing more visable at night

Post Update Fixes

  • The obby no longer gives coins cause some guy was exploiting it to get infinite coins and I don’t feel like fixing it
  • Fixed map Kit and updated it with motors and fabric wheels
  • Fixed the votekick reason not being Filtered (I’m Surprised I’m not banned)
  • Fixed bug where aligned parts would be a EVER SO SLIGHTLY gap between aligned parts
  • Fixed bug where trying to align part to another part would fling the former part away
  • [I still have no idea why you instantly get deleted if you go on a balloon boat for too long, idk I’ve checked like half the game scripts]
(15/08/2022 Four Team Deathmatch Update And Fixes V1.6)
  • New Round type, Four team deathmatch (you get 200 coins from your team winning this btw)
  • Team Elimation renamed to Two Team Deathmatch
  • New Map 4 isle battle , Four team deathmatch, 5 modifiers
  • New modifier for shipwreaked, Path
  • Fixed some of the effect descriptions being incorrect per last update* Fixed gaming computers, big gaming computers and oil pumps from being broken because of a typo, ops
  • Actually fixed the sword glitch this time, (Last Fix didn’t work)
  • Sever sizes have now been changed from 16 to 20
  • Fixed Glitch where you could climb up walls with parts (team deathmatch might actually be interesting now)
  • Fixed Glitch where any crafting recipe that had a container in it wouldn’t work, ops
  • Fixed Glitch where Electrician tier 3 would only be tier 1
(13/08/2022 One year anniversary update V1.5)

Hey I’m back, been making a pretty big update for like 4 weeks, so here it is

Let’s start with some of the small changes:

  • No more climbing glitch with wooden trusses

  • Added part infos and part flavour text for all new parts and some old ones that I forgot to add before

  • Motors have bigger hinges so you can glue on to them easier (+ easier with the new part aligning system that we’ll talk about later)

  • By popular demand, the tier 3 of the car kit actually spawns a car and not just some parts (idk how you’re gonna drive it but enjoy it)

  • Raft vs Raft is back, because some people still wanted it back, so sure why not

  • Parts are now a bit transparent when you are holding them

  • Fixed bug with thrusters and lazers that made you able to pick up boats (sorry odds555)

  • Crafting recipes button if you’re on mobile (next to shop)

  • you have to put the “water pump thingy” in the water for oil pumps to actually generate oil

  • Electrician now only buffs max rope instead of wire speed.

  • The “new” tutorial (from like 2 months ago) now works in mobile and you now teleport to that instead of the old one

  • Made night ever so slightly brighter

  • Lazers can now explode oil and explosives

  • You can now make wired lights from light + rope bundle

  • Add an american flag part, it is crafted how you think it’s crafted

  • Fixed the bug where you could spam a crafting table into a building and have it be destroyed

  • the “News” board now appears in the part playground and at spawn/voting area

  • Added the first ever map in the part info place (Same as first boat)

  • Fixed map voting text randomly glitching out

  • In Isolated Arquipelago and Encave and Jungle Getaway you now have around 30% to 50% more time to build boats before the flood gets up (These maps don’t have a lot of parts so you might as well get the time to use them all)

  • In Insolated Arquiplago there has been bridges added to every island that you can spawn on and the “no bridges” Modifier has been replaced by “less bridges” which is just the original bridge layout

  • In Crystal Cavern, there’s now some ramps you can use to get back to the main island if you fall and more lights now spawn

  • Boat rounds are a bit more rare because they are really only interesting the first few times

  • The broken map selection robux dev product has been replaced with “Spawn 50 giant waves” for 50 robuxs, that is 1 robux per wave

  • Intermission has been changed from 60 seconds to 30 seconds

  • fixed the free money map having no icon

  • Kinda made it so you can hold balloons when they are activated, sorta

  • Didn’t fix container fly, maybe next update boys

  • Plus a lot of random stuff I forgot to add here

Next up is all the major changes:

You can now see a part’s health when holding a part

You can now see people’s rope, health,air etc when spectating + part hp

New Effects:
Theses are just effects that appear under the part infomation stat thing, currently there is 4 in the game, 2 food related, 2 pvp related, they are

  • "Bread Buff: Gives you 10 HP every second, stacks with more bread ", – When you eat bread

  • “Bean Buff: 50% water damage reduction (+ air) but no health regen”, – When you eat beans

  • “Slippery Grip, 50% less sword damage from recently being in water”, – Touching water in te/ffa

  • “Kill Buff, 5 HP every second + 25% more sword damage” – Getting a player kill in te/ffa

New part aligning system,

  • press G while holding a part and it will try to align itself to whatever part you looking at that isn’t
  • the part your holding
  • The alignment is automatically locked to a 0.5 stud grid, allowing for precise building
  • Decent for building and really good for attaching stuff to motors and that kinda stuff
  • About 2 and a half weeks of the development time was spent on this so I hope people actually use it

optimized a lot of server side scripts so there should be less lag,
(This might make part physics less bad and flingy)
New setting, Flood speed refresh rate,

  • This setting is for reducing lag in bigger maps, It has values of 12hz, 24hz and 60hz.
  • Before this update, the flood would update every frame , but this caused lag in some devices on some bigger maps, (And you don’t really need 60hz most of the time)
  • I have a setting for that now, defaults to 24hz

Mobile actually gets “some” love for once, It’s no longer garbage

  • well it’s still not ideal, but it’s now a bit playable, here’s all the mobile changes in one place
  • New crafting recipe button
  • Fixed half the bugs with it
  • Optimized the game a lot so that you’re phone won’t overheat
  • Mobile now has the new tutorial

however the instant wire update got delayed for the future because it was

  • A: useless
  • B: Very laggy
  • C: Broke a lot of stuff
    (It will be added in at some point)

Post Update Fixes:

  • Fixed mobile players being unable to drop parts without gluing (There will be a setting to put it back
    how it was at some point
  • Fixed being able to hold parts infinitly far away (fixed, though you are able to hold them from further away now)
  • Fixed Bread buff and Kill buff not working well in laggy conditions
  • Fixed the robux item “give everyone swords” because it didn’t work randomly, if you bought that and it didn’t work, roblox should refund you automatically at some point

Part 2

  • Fixed swords randomly breaking

Part 3

  • Turned on the anticheat (Very Very, Weak anticheat, but it does help a bit)
  • Nerfed Snack part pack for pvp
  • Kill buff regen nerfed by 75% but it now lasts 15 seconds instead of 8
  • You now only get 75% of the coins you would normally get from damaging a player
  • Splippery Grip only reduces sword damage by 20% instead of 50%
  • Bean buff now gives 20% more speed instead of reducing water damage but also only lasts 25 seconds instead of 30
  • New Effect, Lazer Burn, 25% less speed from being hit by a lazer
  • Fixed bug where lazers would be laggy in lobby

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