Flooded Havana Project

Hi again,
Currently working on a new project set in Havana, and wanted to share the first days of work on it.
Everything was modelled and textured by me.

Next I plan to vary all the buildings and start adding in the wiring, but I figured it’d be nice to share where I’m at so far.


This looks absolutely stunning! Not goanna lie, I thought the top was some other game, because it doesn’t look like ROBLOX!

Edit: Saw the image with water, and I think it has convinced me to go outside and touch grass!

This is talented work, keep it up!

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The textures look great! I would love to make my own textures one day too, but as of currently I’m not very good at making them…

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I would recommend you just keep practicing, and look for ways to improve your workflow. I got serious about texturing a couple years ago and have just kept finding ways to do things better and build up experience. Really helps to look at things in real life and analyze them up close to understand the patterns.

Looks good so far! I feel like everything reflects the sky too much, though. This can probably be fixed by lowering the EnvironmentSpecularScale in lighting.

I can tell this creation is very inspiring for all developer forum members.

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I’ve actually purposefully thrown a very reflective roughness map over most small items. Once I finish the surroundings environment, I plan to do a pass and create some rain particles and effects. Hopefully it won’t look out of place then.

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As someone born and raised in Havana, you really did capture the grimey look that the bad parts of the city take when it’s rainy and the clouds are dark. Traffic sign is also accurate. Good job!

Are you by any chance working on a specific part of Havana?

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No specific area actually, it’s difficult for me to get reference photos, so this is really just a amalgamation of buildings and areas I find interesting.