Floor Conquerors - Update Sunrise Patch Notes


:star2: What’s new?

:sunrise_over_mountains: Floor 11 — Sunrise Jungle is out! Those who are level 200 or higher can access Sunrise Jungle.

  • Level Requirement: 200+
  • New Boss: Tribe Leader awaits for challengers at Sunrise Jungle! Watch out for the poison attacks!
  • 8 new jungle-themed weapons!
  • 4 new jungle-themed abilities!

:broom: The Enchantress is an NPC located at Sunrise Jungle where you can ENCHANT and EMPOWER your weapons, giving it additional, passive and super strong effects!

  • Enchanting a weapon grants the weapon a passive ability. This ability ranges from simple stat boosts to major game-changing abilities! There are currently 16 enchants you can get, each with 3 tiers.
  • You can enchant any weapon, as long as it has the maximum count of upgrades.
  • Your first enchantment is at a discounted price. Successive enchants will cost more.
  • Empowering a weapon unlocks its fullest potential, gaining even stronger enchants than before!
  • The higher tier your original enchant, the more likely the empowerment succeeds. Failed empowerments will permanently break your weapon.

:tshirt: 4 new cosmetics: 2 of them can be obtained for FREE!!!

  • Cosplayer has a small chance to drop from Floor 10 raids. The higher the difficulty, the more likely it will drop.
  • Tribe Warrior has a small chance to drop from Floor 11 raids. The higher the difficulty, the more likely it will drop.
  • Chainsaw Onesie and Forty Seven can be purchased in the daily cosmetic shop.

:small_blue_diamond: New weapon rarity! Although, it’s best for you to figure out what it is…

  • This rarity has a 1/2000 chance to drop in any raid!
  • Rerolls do not affect the odds of this new rarity from dropping.
  • The level of the item you drop will scale with your player level, with a level cap depending on the level of the boss you just fought.
  • There are currently 3 weapons that have this rarity. More will be added soon.

10 new auras!

:inbox_tray: Other Changes

  • Inspect, Inventory, Sell, and Gifting weapon previews have been changed to accommodate the Enchant panel.
  • Weapon previews now show the aura that’s attached to it, given if the weapon has an aura.
  • Fixed weapon icons for Dark Greatsword and Dark Greatstaff, which used to display the Onyx weapons.
  • The cosmetic shop refreshes every hour, rather than every day.
  • Fixed a mismatch between the names of Floor 1.
  • New loading UI and main menu.
  • Floor 0 got a visual and auditory makeover.
  • The Show/Hide player list button is now translucent.
  • Content from the Valentine’s Event has been removed.

:mag_right: What to look for next?

Though Update Sunrise is the last major update, a new event will be releasing sometime this May! Stay tuned for more enchantments!