Floor tilies feedback

Hi, I have made a bathroom floor tilies, I want to see what your guys opoion.
Screen Shot 2022-08-23 at 7.23.16 PM


They look ordinary bathroom tiles. I like it.

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Simple, and clean. I love it!

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Very simplistic and I love that, but maybe add some sort of thing to make each tile look somewhat unique? Maybe not every tile, but every few tiles has a crack or something to make them look different.

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Yes the problem is getting texture having cuts is hard in blender but looks like a image, that makes it a organic look.

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They look gorgeous. If I was going to miss the bowl, I would want those tiles and those tiles only to catch my excrement.


Looks really cool but some of them aren’t spaced out even, is that intended?

This could be a perspective thing, since the tiles could be a 3D model, not a texture.

Oh yeah that’s true. [CHAR LIMIT :pensive: ]

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