Flow | a simple game framework

This is my first post (and public module) here so please forgive me if I made a mistake.
flow is a simple game framework primarily made to ease Server-Client Communication.

Docs | GitHub | Model

How it works

Communication in flow usually goes like so:
You make a service with flow.service.new, then you can use flow.service.require to get that service and run its functions, including running functions made in the server side of your service from your client you can also use gates to communicate back and forth from the server and client. I don’t want to go too in depth since this isnt a tutorial on flow but you can find the documentation here

Is it usable right now?

flow is still in its early stages of development but from my testing can be used at its current stage, although don’t expect too much control right now over how flow handles your Server to Client Communication.


I primarily made this post because I want feedback on flow and advice on how I could improve it :slight_smile:


I saw that you used ammount in the server sided code
it is spelled amount, wanted to let you know

oops, fixed it just now. thanks for telling me

Minor Update

  • .expose() now has a third parameter to change priority for running duplicate functions together (“server” or “client”)
  • added documentation for gate.lua
  • Created a Roblox Model for flow
  • temporary disabled limiter.lua because of issues with it (will be re-enabled soon with an update to it)
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