FlowDataStore - DataStore with SessionLocking and fully working IntelliSense


I couldnt keep my projects clean while using other popular modules because of how complex they are so I decided to make a data store module that's easy to use while still having features like session locking

why use this over other popular modules?

  • its easy to use (you can load data with just one function)
  • all properties and methods have auto-correction/IntelliSense
  • it has session locking just like any other popular modules

here's a video of my favorite feature about this module, the auto correct:

2023-07-29 14-56-08

anyways! you can get the module from here:

API Document:


Module.new(player: Player): DataClass

Module.PlayerAdded(function(player: Player))

  • use this instead of Players.PlayerAdded if you’re planning to require the module before using it


DataClass.Data: table

  • use this to get or change data, there are some hidden values in this table that are very important and aren’t supposed to change

DataClass.Saving: boolean

DataClass.Loaded: boolean

To change default values for new players edit the Default module (its inside of FlowDataStore module)


Still find no reason for topics like these when we have ProfileService and DataStore2.
You list nothing that shows us why we should use yours, even though you explicitly mention a core feature is ‘not tested but should work’?


I was about to say the same thing.To be honest I don’t know how someone that wants to make a DataStore module will be use by people over ProfileService(Profile service is really good big games use it and none of them have data issue)

the point of this module is to be easy to use

and the session locking feature is not tested but the code looks fine so that’s why I said it should work

I rather use this over ProfileService because It loads data with just one function
also It has auto-fill for changing data as shown in this gif, its a really good feature that other popular modules lack

Terrible reason to not even test it.

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there is no way for me to test it because data gets saved before I even join another server

You do know the point of session locking is to lock the session right? Join from another device or studio even.


oh yea I forgot I can play in Studio and Roblox at the same time lol
I tried it and the session locking method worked :white_check_mark:

Important update

  • Data saving is much more stable inside studio now

  • Improved error handling