Flower geometric shape I made in studio


I decided to get back into studio after a month. I usually warm up doing geometric shapes. But today something unexpected happened. I was doing some simple geometry shapes and ended up with this hot mess

It actually looks insanely cool to be honest.

I would appreciate some comments.

Also please don’t ask me how I made this because honestly I have no idea.

Fully made in studio.

Edit: Sorry for the pixely photo.



its all really cool but weird intersections near the middle.
Screen Shot 2021-11-02 at 4.29.08 PM
and color/texture it or else

and please don’t write your posts like an email

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Yes agreed although I can’t stop that from happening due to overlapping. Also I like to write things in an email form because I grew up writing things like that when I intrude a topic or statement. It’s an old habit.

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