Fluffy carpet in roblox studio

If you are wondering how to make a fluffy carpet with particles, here you go!

To learn more about particle emitters, click here.

Step 1: Insert a normal part.

Your part should look like this when placed.

Step 2: Changing the size

Open up the properties tab and scroll down until you see Transform.
I will be using size
28, 1, 30 for this tutorial. Your part should look like this when finished.

Step 3. Moving on to the fluff particles
Add a particle emitter in the part. The particles should look like this when added.

Okay, now it looks werid, what kind of carpet has floating particles?
Lets adjust the speed so it can stay still.
Your carpet should look like this. (0 speed for the particles)

Step 4. Rate particles

Seems like this seems like a weak carpet. It does not look realistic, so we should change that.

I’ve set the rate to 100 now, But this does not seem realistic still. The particles do not look nice.
You’ll get this result:

Step 5: Size
Now scroll up until you see:
Click on the 3 dots, and set the size as shown:

The carpet should look like this:

Theres one awesome way we can make this better.

Set the RotSpeed to -10 and rotation to 180. Now scroll down until you see LightInfluence.
Set the value to 0.6.

If you want to change the color of the carpet, simply go to the color, and change it. Including the Part.

If you want to use this in your game, you dont have to credit me! This is simply free to use.


Does this cause a lot of lag?

Thanks for the tutorial :+1:

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Can I use this to make grass? Also thank you for the tutorial.

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Gonna be honest, i never really thought of this but it looks great!
But it would cause alot of lag if used widely :frowning:


So creative, thanks for the tutorial :sunglasses:

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I do not (HIGHLY) recommend this tutorial if you have a laggy computer.


Yes, you can use this making grass.


Smart usage of sparkles. I like it.

But do they change their positions each time?

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Which step is it? Tell me. --------(extra line since devforum only lets 30) Devforum wont allow the word 30 (censored because of the filter…), I dont know why…

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I meant as theure sparkles, they go up and dissapear right? do they do that?


No, the speed at 0 makes it stay still.


nice laggy tutorial man thx


i said dont use it at laggy computers

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Nice tutorial, simple but great results!

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