Fluid Simulation Open Source

Hello. I found some old scripts in my physics place for fluid simulations. I haven’t commented much of it or anything yet, but I hope someone finds it useful. I will eventually add more physic scripts to the repository.

RobloxPhysics/FluidSimulation at main · alexop1000/RobloxPhysics (github.com)

Here is a preview:

You can create many different looks for the fluid simulation, maybe even make things interact with it.
It is too cool not to share.
Please do share if you make anything with it! I feel like fluid simulations are really cool.


This is pretty cool, Roblox should really invest in more things like this and / or make creating things like this easier lol.

Fabric physics for example.


Yeah I mean it is just a random little fun thing, but I am sure someone can implement it for something practical. The 3d one I included is pretty laggy though, would be cool if someone figured out how to optimize it.


I’m not sure how unity optimizes their physics systems (fabric, fluid, 2d shadow casting (I really like that one)), but Roblox needs to take a page out of their book because using parts to emulate fluid is very inefficient xd.

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Yeah, would be really cool with some proper fluid simulation implemented into the engine for sure…

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I an going to have to play with this later. :slight_smile:

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I can’t find out how to use this, there is no instructions.

But, still, I like the idea :slight_smile:


I know I didn’t write any. It should work with one out of the box though

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I’ve been looking way for a way to make something like this for a long time! this is going to help me a lot, thanks so much! you are very smart to figure out how to make this.

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Can you send me the model you used, or a link to the original one.

Sure. GDC03.pdf (toronto.edu)