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Here you can find our official department roles and what each of their roles actually do.


As a new staff member for FlyRaven, your expectations are to attend at least 3 flights a week. You may not have a department yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help out around the airport, like being customer service, a shopkeeper, or even a cleaner.

Landside Department

A landside Assistant is responsible for everything that happens behind the scenes,k from catering, to inspecting the plane. Landside Assistants get to drive special vehicles and guide planes in and out of their stand. They have a major responsibility, as the flight wouldn’t be operational without them.

Security Personal / Paramedic (Emergency Department)

These are extremely important roles in the airport, as security protects all flights from any risk of danger. Paramedics are responsible for the safety of everyone around them. If any passenger is in distress, there is likely to be a paramedic on scene.

Cabin Crew Department

These people are responsible for passenger comfort on board the aircraft. These individuals work as a team to provide maximum comfort for all passengers in a flight. In addition to this, they get to serve cruising meals to all passengers.

Piloting Academy

Pilots are individuals who are constantly put under pressure to deliver a safe and comforting flight for all passengers. Once you pass your intense pilot training, you will become a first officer. You will sit in the right seat and be in charge of doing stuff like landing gears, flaps, and spoilers, on the captain’s command. Once you act as a FO for 25 flights, you will be promoted to senior first officer, who does the same thing, just more experienced. When you perform to your maximum standard, you will be promoted to Captain. Captains sit in the left seat, and are responsible for manoeuvring the plane. Being a captain is a rewarding job, as you get a lot of praise for your job. Don’t worry, though. Your first officer eases the pressure, and you have full control of the aircraft.

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