FNaF Fangame on Roblox


I’m a 6 years experienced roblox developer and i challenged myself on doing a fnaf game in 3 days. (A time when i did FNaF 1 right like the original game, it was called as an Copy that could be banned, still private)

Things implemented in this game:

  • Random Animatronic AI
  • Doors, Flashlight
  • Extras
  • Demo
  • 2 Characters, Mason and Redbear
  • Jumpscares, Power
  • If power is at 0, a look alike scene like FNaF 1 will play.
  • Alot of bugs (Really)

If you have got ideas to make it scarier, leave a reply

Try it here:


  • Pop

You are probably safe if your game is paid access and does not include FNaF characters, but on the other hand, if it’s free, you can include them. However, if your game is paid access, Scott will likely take it down if it contains his characters. Also, make sure it isn’t a perfect copy of FNaF, made with his characters for free; Scott has taken down remakes of his games before, only if they are the same experience as FNaF, like Another FNaF Fan Game: Open Source, which was basically a free version of FNaF 2. As long as you don’t make a perfect copy with FNaF characters in 2D, it’s safe.