FNAF Roleplay (Programmer Needed)

Project: Freddy’s Roleplay World

Hello my name is Kyle and I’ve been creating FNAF games on Roblox for 4 years now. It’s been the main source of my income and a fanbase I really enjoy. Currently my games that I’ve created are Freddy’s Tycoon 3, Animatronics Awakened and my most popular Animatronics Universe which is a professionally made tycoon. All of the maps I’ve built from scratch and all of the characters are finished. I’m looking for a programmer who would be interested in an even group split and would be dedicated to making this massively requested game a reality.

All of the maps are finished, perfected and ready.

Every map is low poly and organized. A couple of them need lighting but that won’t take long at all. Majority of the game would be choosing your character and possibly down the line creating custom characters. All of the animatronics are low poly and finished however I have not rigged them yet mostly because I want to make sure they’re exactly how the programmer wants them. All of the limbs are seperate parts and organized. This leaves plenty of room for customization.

As for the legality of this, Scott Cawthon promotes fan games and doesn’t DMCA any of them on any platforms. This game does not pose any risk for Roblox. All of the music and sounds will be created from scratch by yours truly. This will be the highest quality Freddy’s Roleplay game on the platform.

If you’re interested please send me a DM on the developer forums with your past work and what you feel you can do to contribute to this project. If you have any terms or agreements I need to sign I will gladly do so.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to seeing this become a reality!


Just wanted to bump and inform that I’m still looking for developing partners for this project.

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