FOB Wolf Game Guide

Welcome to the official game guide for Forward Operating Base Wolf!

The following information listed in this document has been listed to ensure fair and friendly raids between OSF’s United States Military and their opposition.

If you’re ever unsure or if you feel that this guide doesn’t go into enough detail and you feel that you’re doing something wrong then don’t do it, use common sense whenever making use of our FOB.

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Raid Information

When conducting an official raid there should always be communication between our High Command and the raiding party’s. This is to ensure that we’re aware of any issues from either side and we can crack down on potential exploiters, non-affiliated individuals, etc.

During an official raid our capture point system will be active unless mentioned otherwise, this system is automated and has a ticket system which randomises each point around the map for capture (this will be initiated by an O5+) prior to commencing.

Here are a list of some official raid rules that we expect all individuals to follow:

  • Exploiting of any sort is self explanitory and will result in permenant ban.
  • Glitching to give you an advantage is not permitted.
  • Spawn camping is not permitted by either team.
  • Helicopters are off limits to the hostile team unless mentioned otherwise prior to the raid.
  • Using the outer hills around the map is forbidden, these are purely there as a border to the map’s edge.
  • Killing civilians to increase kills is not permitted, any sort of cheating will result in a void raid.
  • We understand that raids can get a bit heated however, we request you respect eachother and not be toxic. We’re all there to play the game and have fun, let’s not ruin the vibe.

Most importantly, we want you all to have fun. The rules are here to ensure that the game is played the way it’s supposed to be played, any form of malpractice and breach of rules will result in consequences.

Military Simulation

The Forward Operating Base isn’t only used for raids, we use the base for simulations for the group. This means that if we’re conducting said simulation hostiles will be asked to leave or change to to the civilian team. This is to ensure that our group members can enjoy the simulation without any interuptions.

If you’re interested in taking part then simply join the group, anyone’s welcome to join OSF’s United States Military and we hope that you can participate in our operational simulations.


There are a variety of vehicles at Fort Wolf, the hostile team has been provided with a ‘stolen’ humvee, this humvee is armoured, it has a 50cal machine gun on the roof and it’s distinguishable through the lack of doors! This vehicle is equal to our own humvee (minus the doors) and has the same system in place to ensure a fair fight!

The United States Armed Forces team has access to helicopters. These helicopters are purely for troop transport, this has been balanced out by provided the hostile team with access to stingers and anti-air guns located at either of the two hostile compounds. We also have specialty aircraft like the AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter, the V-22 Osprey VTOL and Lockhead C-130 Hercules. These vehicles are purely for military simulations unless prior mention of use before raids.

Refer to the Raid Information to find rules on our vehicles


The following weapons are all equally balanced to their counterparts on hostile teams, they hold the same stats to ensure that it is fair and equally balanced for either side.

(Alongside the weapons, each team has their own cosmetic uniform. This has no benefit to the overall health of the players)

United States Military Weapons:
M4A1 (Stock - Customisable)

M4A1 CCO (Attachments Included)

HK417 (Attachments Included)

G17 (Stock - Customisable)

Combat Knife

M67 Grenade

M18 Smoke Grenade


Coloured Flares

Hostile Weapons:
AK-101 (Stock - Customisable)

AK-101 (Attachments Included)

SVDS (Attachments Included)

Combat Knife

M67 Grenade

M18 Smoke Grenade